Lt. Col. Allen West On The Economy And The Current Tax System

(H/T TheRightScoop)

Allen West speaking about the current state of the economy replacing the tax system with a more fair tax system, cutting spending, and continued offshore drilling; among other topics.

This officer is still my pick for president on my 2012 Dream Team (with Paul Ryan as VP).

4 thoughts on “Lt. Col. Allen West On The Economy And The Current Tax System”

  1. Lt. Col. West is a very impressive man. Such a difference between him and our state senator Robert Ford, who called people “Uncle Toms” for his last place finish for the Dem. candidate for governor in SC (I am not kidding).

    I can appreciate your presidential Dream Team, too, LM. Thank you for bringing us these informative posts, and for highlighting some of the good guys out there!

  2. I have watched Allen West since the first video of him speaking went viral, have donated money to his campaign, and each viewing leaves me more impressed with his knowledge of finances, etc. I would vote for this man for any office.

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