Mega Mosques; A Failure Of American Leadership On Every Level

Bill Whittle of PJTV speaks to Charles Jacobs, president of Americans For Peace and Tolerance about the mega mosque in the Boston area, the Cordoba House at Ground Zero, and the islamic jihadist ties that these mosques have to organizations and terrorists through their imams.

The big question remains; how do we speak about the stealth jihad happening in this country without being labeled as racists, bigots, or worse?  Also, how do we cut off the millions of dollars of overseas funding that is making the jihad happen?

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7 thoughts on “Mega Mosques; A Failure Of American Leadership On Every Level”

  1. hmmmmmm quiet……..chickens!!!
    what will we tell our grandchildren?
    we did not see it comming?
    we were stupid?
    we did not care enough?
    will we sound like the german people after ww2
    makeing exuses and wondering how it happened?

  2. some will…there are those of us who have been beseeching them to listen up and help save our Republic but it remains to be seen what the outcome will be, even though a clear majority of Americans are on the case already.

  3. Cordoba House should NEVER be allowed at Ground Zero. It IS a VICTORY marker for Islam. And they haven’t won YET! If it is forced then its construction should be accompanied by a Synagogue and a Cathedral just as elaborate and right beside this projected travisty.

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