I am so glad to see more libertarians on the screen these days, and am thrilled to post Judge Napolitano’s initial FreedomWatch show on a major cable news station.

The Judge definitely has the right focus for today’s initial show where he asks the question of whether social conservatives like Sarah Palin can find common ground with strict Constitutionalists like Dr. Rand Paul and Dr. Ron Paul, and how this will effect the November elections.

Please feel free to allow Ed Rendell’s lies about tea party attendance roll right off your back like water off a duck.  He is just doing his masters’ bidding and attempting to influence people’s thinking that the tea party movement is just a small, fringe element that can’t do any harm.  Let them; the quiet time is now, they will hear the roar in November.

Part 1/5:

Part 2, The Gulf Oil Leak:

Part 3, Sarah, Ron, and Rand:

Part 4, Ed Rendell, Sen. DeMint, Congresswoman Bachmann, Dick Armey:

Part 5, Tea Party Favs and The Plain Truth.  Jim Demint and Michele Bachmann have a true opinion of what the tea parties are all about.  Ms. Bachmann also explains the takeover of the private economy by the government and the GDP to debt ratio that is killing our nation.

(H/T iFreedom4ever for the vids.)

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