Sure Looks Like An Oil Volcano

MUST SEE VIDEO: Lindsey Williams on Alex Jones about the oil volcano that is being covered up by BP and the government.  Mr. Williams states that he has an contact inside BP that has disclosed to him that BP was drilling far deeper than reported, and that the PSI is at around 70,000; far beyond human capacity to close.  He also states that toxic gases are being released into the air and the gulf states are at risk.

Do these images from the video below look like an oil leak or a volcano (29:35).  After watching this video, I have no doubt that it a volcano and the strict media blackout and closure of the airspace over the disaster reinforces that belief.

(H/T PM for the vid)

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  9. I can’t see the comments. Where are the 34 comments?

    Geologists tested the area before the drill. They knew how deep they could drill safetly. They knew what other substances would come out if they drilled that deep. They knew. I have said numerous times before, radical unprogressives have big ideas of how they think things should be and no practical foresight to actually know WHAT they WILL end up to be. This was a willful act upon the people.

    • Ono – the tweets show up as comments. I could actually set it up so that they would take up the same space as a comment, but the tweeters aren’t actually saying anything.

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  11. for all those people out there who are still thinking “conspiracy,loons,tin foil hat,delusional
    crazy,……..’)hang on to your hats!!!!!!!!!!

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