Mosque At Ground Zero: “Trojan Horse?”

(UPDATE: This video was pulled by the user.  I am looking for the same footage on another channel.  It appears that the video was pulled from the local news station website also.  Possible scrubbing – but no definitive proof yet.)

Iman Feisal Abdul Rauf, and firefighter turned activist Tim Brown discuss the Cordoba House mosque and islamic center to be built at Ground Zero. Mr. Brown is concerned that the mosque being built is a trojan horse and asks where all the money, (an estimated $100 million/3.8 million), is coming from to purchase the Burlington Coat Factory building and build the center.

For those that have not yet seen Pat Condell’s six minute explanation of what a mosque being built at ground zero really is, go here for the full transcript to email to your lists.

While looking for a replacement video for the first that was pulled, I found Pam Geller on CNN speaking about the Cordoba House.  Wait until you hear the statement from the people behind Cordoba House about peaceful values.

Tim Brown on Fox & Friends this morning, 6.6.2010:

By Logistics Monster


  • DaddysDarlin -

    God Bless You Pat Condell. You may speak on behalf of this American anytime. You know, the politicians here didnt ask the American people what they thought about this mosque, we would have shot it down so fast they wouldn’t know what hit them! It is beyond repulsive that these killers want to build on the graves of innocent Americans, but for some unknown reason our politicians (money?) are all for it. America and the American people are totally against this mega mosques being built anywhere in our country, and especially not on this hallowed ground!

  • clemintine -

    the time is now to stop the lethal policy of political correctness….i actually decided to stop being pc quite a while ago. (as have many people i know) now the political vermin among us need to be called out on this and to be advised we will not tolerate continued pc policies.

    i would tell this gentleman that building the mosque in the arizona desert is not a good idea…..better to go to california….lol

    i was not able to view the first video, as it “was removed by user”. any idea why it is no longer available?

    • Absolutely no idea why it would have been removed – put up by KeepAmericaSafe and I did not see any inaccuracies or problems with it. I am looking for a replacement video currently – will post when I find one.

  • The first speaker was EXACTLY correct. To build this Mosque at the 9/11 site is a symbol of their vitory. It IS their pattern. If Americans are confused about Islam it is because of the smoke screen of propaganda put forth by Islam in this country and backed by our current rulers. It is abhorant that this project of Islam should be considered at all. They want yet another cultural center? They can build it somewhere else..far far away. Try to build a Cathedral or a Synogue there see how far that gets. I am sick and tired of the weakness America and Americans have displayed in this other Political Correctness run amuck. It is g oing to kill us. Wake up people!!!!!!!

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