The Spaniards Are Awake To The Bilderberg Group and The Central Banks

Wake Up America! Let all your friends and family know about the debt prison that The Federal Reserve, the IMF, the World Bank, the UN, and the world central banks have created for everyone in this world with their fiat money.

Even the Spaniards are AWAKE as they explain to their police, “Wake up guys, wake up.  Whom we have to put in jail is this gang of psychopaths that are creating the economic crisis to leave us in the street…and as I have said, one day you will have to join us, with their weapons to take the banks to finish with bankers…I know you are suffering!

There has been a report from Charlie Skelton of the Guardian UK that one of the police officers joined the protestors.


By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    For all those out there asking them selves,why would these people protest the bilderburg’s ,FIND OUT WHY OR PERISH!

  • Practical Madman -

    The world is having a grand awakening! Jim Tucker, who has been chasing and reporting on the Bilderbergs for many years, said that for the very first time in history, many canceled their plans and did not show! THEY are running scared. Brzezinski even commented a week ago that the awakening in the world is becoming a problem! THEY see it and are getting very nervous! THEIR “sheep” are not following as blindly as THEY would like! All those that do not understand MUST do their homework and learn the reality of the world. Coming to sites like this one is a good start, but you MUST learn the truth and understand completely, then do your best to awaken others.

    Diamond, thanks for all of you tireless work in aiding with the awakening, we are starting to have a major effect! THEY are getting scared! Even THEIR armed guards are realizing that THEY are the problem.

    As said on this video (and I have told a few police myself) one day they will have to choose sides. Are they the robotic possessions of these “elite”. or humans like us? What side will they join? Will they take up arms against their neighbors for the defense of these controllers?

    THEY are talking of and planning on control of the internet, because it is the greatest source of the truth of THEIR tyranny. THEY can not stand to be out in the light. Use it to it’s fullest potential. Follow the example of Diamond and others that scream the truth at their own peril (and pray for their protection). Wake up, the hour is late….or is the early hours of a new paradigm? The choice is OURS!!!!

  • John5319 -

    Those who hide from the “light” will be destroyed by it. Those who fail to speak the truth will be destroyed by it. Those who live by the destruction of others for personal gain will be destroyed by the righteous indignation they deserve. For their is not living a life, it is living their own destruction.

    Those that know the truth, will speak it, and it will be the words of the sword, that will destroy the world of these evil monetary beasts.

    Wisdom today is the knowledge of what to do, and when to do it. Understanding is seeing past the veil of evil of those who want to enslave us. Let the cockroaches beware of the light shinning on them, for we can see you very plainly. America is truly blessed, for we are the light on that shinning hill.

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