Oil Leak Bigger Than Reported – And Feds Knew

No shock here…on Day 21, I said we were looking at an extinction event.

From ABC News (how the hell did that happen?):

BP and Feds Withheld Videos Showing Massive Scope of Oil Spill

New videos show more clearly than ever how BP, with little resistance from the Coast Guard or other federal agencies, kept the public in the dark about just how bad things were beneath the surface of the Gulf of Mexico.

On May 1, 11 days after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, and nine days after oil began spilling into the Gulf, the Coast Guard had still only released a single image of oil leaking a mile beneath the surface — a fuzzy photograph of a broken pipe spewing oil.

But inside the unified command center, where BP and federal agencies were orchestrating the spill response, video monitors had already displayed hours of footage they did not make public. The images showed a far more dire situation unfolding underwater. The footage filmed by submarines showed three separate leaks, including one that was unleashing a torrent of oil into the Gulf.

BP officials said they made all the video available to federal officials.

“The video has been available to the unified command from the very beginning,” said Mark Proegler, a BP spokesman. “It’s always been here from the beginning. They had it.”

Coast Guard officials told ABC News that BP refused to allow them to release the more startling images, arguing they were proprietary. But at the time, the agency was doing little to convey to the world what the images were showing. Coast Guard Admiral Mary Landry was sticking with estimates, calculated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which put the spill’s size at about 5,000 barrels a day for several weeks. Coast Guard officials said they were focused on the response, and advised the public not to worry about just how much oil was pouring into the water.

“I would caution you not to get fixated on an estimate of how much is out there,” said Adm. Landry.

Two days later, as oil continued to spew, Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano said much the same thing.

“This fixation on the number of barrels is a little bit misleading,” said Napolitano.

BP officials said everyone inside the Unified Command center in Louisiana agreed that the 5,000 barrel figure was the best they could offer.

By Logistics Monster


  • leaping spark -

    Unfortunately America, his royal anus Obonzo is not interested in the people suffering down in the gulf coast states, nor is he really interested in the payment of compensation for their losses.

    Obonzo will of course extract every penny out of BP at every opportunity while using this environmental disaster to distract the ever growing number of Americans who have realized how lazy, incompetent, and stupid Obonzo really is. If possible Obozo will use this disaster to destroy BP and cripple the American oil industry indifinitely unless they agree to government control.

    Communist never waste a crisis!

  • Of course they knew they just needed the time to figure out how to make it work to their advantage.

    The jig is up anything that DC does or doesn’t do in any particular “crisis” is always viewed with a skeptical eye, they no longer can snow us no matter how hard they try.

  • Practical Madman -

    Follow the money
    1) Nov. 2009- Goldman Sachs buys controlling interest in the company that makes Corexit.
    2) 30 days before the blowout, GS sells 44% of it’s share of BP.
    3) 48 hours before the blow out, GS makes a $2 billion “short” bet on Gulf production, betting it goes down drastically.
    4)Obama shuts down commercial fishing, and offshore drilling, bingo, production goes down and GS rakes in it’s winnings on their short bet.
    5) Coast Guard, EPA and others tell BP to stop using Corexit and their answer is..uhhh…NO. GS makes billions selling Corexit to BP, which they still own millions of shares in.
    6) GS and BP were both major contributors to Obama’s campaign.
    7) How many people in Obama’s administration worked for GS?

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