Bob Chapman On Israel, Turkey, Korea, And The Economy

Alex Jones starts out this economic interview with Bob Chapman with details of what is happening with the Bilderberg Group meeting in Sitges, Spain, and Bob’s take on Israel, the Koreas, and the impending war that the Bilderbergs are strategizing.

Part 1/2:

Part 2/2:

Zibgniew Brzezinski Denounces Global Awakening – NEWS ALERT

Bilderberg 2010: Master Page

By Logistics Monster


  • red lemur -

    the truth !there it is if people know the truth they will stand up and say

  • red lemur -

    when we have that trial the whole world will cheer!
    I nominate,Brzezinski too go out in the first wave!
    give him credit for one thing he’s right we are watchin see below these are my lurking lemurs

  • They know their plans have come down to the wire and the fact that us little people are on to them , not to mention out number than seems to make them even more arrogant.

    What has really saved us is the internet along with Alinsky the elite never factored that in I am sure. They are out in the open and they do not know who to play with the lights on.

  • Thanks for posting the vid of Bob Chapman. Isn’t he cool?

  • How do we give the special Monster wave? Is that something like a virtual moonie?

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