Day: June 4, 2010

Herman Cain At Douglas Country Tea Party With A Surprise

(UPDATE: 9.26.2011 - For those that are checking out Herman Cain, it has come to my attention that he is a former Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank and appears to be involved in an Enron style financial scandal. Keep doing your homework and the due diligence on these chameleons. I do not and will not support Herman Cain for president.) This is exactly the reason why patriotic Americans will prevail over the progressive globalists.  America is waking up. Herman Cain lead a Q&A session at the Douglas County Tea Party when a young woman asked him about…
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Pat Condell; Just A Little More Common Sense On The Mosque At Ground Zero (Full Transcript)

Editor's Note: The Protest against this mosque at Ground Zero is on Sunday.  More information at the end of this article.) Meet Pat Condell, one of Britain's top comics who espouses "Godless Comedy" has done a very serious YouTube video about the Mega-Mosque at Ground Zero and the true ramifications of said mosque in said place. Mr. Condell is an internet celebrity with his YouTube rants about religion, but this particular video involves no comedy at all. In fact, the seriousness of the topic and the common sense put forward is pertinent enough that I have transcribed it.  I recommend…
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411,000 of 431,000 New Jobs Are Census Workers

Unemployment fell to 9.7% with the new jobs report that 431,000 jobs had been added; only problem is that 411,000 of those jobs are temporary Census workers.  The DOW dropped 200 points on the opening because of these job numbers, but is recovering as of this writing; currently at -168. Payrolls rise on Census but private hiring weak WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Private employers hired fewer workers than expected in May, a setback for the labor market recovery, even as temporary census hiring pushed overall payrolls growth to its fastest pace in 10 years. The Labor Department said on Friday payrolls…
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