Glenn Beck, 6.2.2010: The Story Of America And Israel

All the latest headlines, and the lack of information about the ‘freedom flotilla’ that was ‘attacked’ by the IDF, with video of the actual truth of the attack ON the IDF by the terrorists. Glenn goes back to history to explain the pattern of behavior we are now seeing has happening before.

Part 1:

Part 2, Our involvement in WW1, the Balfour Declaration, and Hitler’s connection to the Iran (Land of the Aryans). He also covers Truman, the State Dept., and oil in the Middle East.

Part 3, the history of the “Freedom Flotilla” and the Americans that are involved. (You already know, the pResident’s buddy –Bill Ayers, and Bambi’s bundler – Jodie Evans:

Part 4, Tea Party Protestors, G20 Protestors, and the ‘peace activists’ attacking the IDF:

Part 5, Special Aftershow program piece about Egypt’s resistance to the Freedom Flotilla because the violence from Hamas has been spilling over into Egypt.:

By Logistics Monster


  • This was one of the best shows Beck has ever done and I’m really happy that he focused on Israel the past couple of shows.

    • Today’s show, (so far), has been very good also. I want to watch the entire show before I post – and I have to wait for videographer to upload it.

      I’m glad he went into the history so that more people understand what happened – and why those of us that are so supportive of Israel – are that way. For me personally, messing with Israel is like messing with our Constitution.

  • red lemur -

    hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I wonder ???????Does anybody else wonder if mr o-blah blah is one of those people who beleive the holocaust never happened or is he really just muslim?
    Ron,rest assured real americans are concerned for Israel ,we know this;they are us and we are them!
    As for the PIRATE GUYS does anyone out there beleive that when confronted by asshats with metal pipes and knives ect. our police in any american city would use ANY restraint? I’m guessing the casualties would have been much greater! And here’s a message for mrs. oblah blah now for the FIRST TIME I’m ashamed to be american! oh and stop wearing those damn boob belts, class up.

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