Oil Leak or Oil Volcano?

A few weeks ago I received some information that advanced the theory that the BP oil leak is actually an oil volcano, and that attempts to seal the leak would fail. It appears that the theory may be correct after watching some side by side videos and images.

The BP oil leak on 5.23.2010. Notice the white plume next to the black plume.

An AP video from 5.20.2010 which shows the white plume in the background and what appears to be volcanic ejecta floating down.

Now, video of an underwater volcano “erupting from NOAA’s Submarine Ring of Fire expeditions.” 3.20.2009

So exactly how screwed are we today? I’m so glad that Obama and one of his biggest campaign contributors are handling this crisis. We should be hearing the truth any minute now. (snark)

By Logistics Monster


  • Henry Waxman is not only ugly but continuing to spout extremely stupid nonsense. No one needs to know how much is coming out in order to plug it…
    Is that why they won’t plug it? Because it will erupt even more? Perhaps blow like a bomb?
    On top of all the problems, we have overly confident Republican voters who just never learn. They think they are home free and they’ll win in a cake walk.
    Playing the party game and indulging in the same old tricks that made them fail. PUMA!

  • red lemur -

    Being where I am, I can tell you that you cannot plug a volcano you can RUN!But unfortunately that’s all you can do. Get out da way brah!Trenching dont work bombing dont work what next uh water well its under quite a bit!
    hawaii has tried all these remedis they do not work! when working against the forces of the universe…Sometimes you may encounter the middle finger of god!

  • The oil in the gulf of mexico is under extreme pressure–it has been buried for millions of years under massive amounts of sediment and water. So it was always possible to tap the oil there and expect no pumping costs because it was under the equivalent of ‘artesian pressure’–wells would flow oil. Gases including methane, sulfur and others commonly associated with oil deposits are prevalent. So the explosion–whatever the cause–‘punched a hole’ big enough to now cause this escape of gas and oil to the surface. The white (and probably yellow) plume is the gases escaping, as well as the oil. With such force, naturally pieces of the sea floor and other rock formations will break off and be carried up and then drop to the sea floor once out (the ‘ejecta’). While the gases and oil are hot, there doesn’t appear to be any magma showing–yet–which is what would be a true volcano. The rupture and explosion surely must have ignited some of the gases, if we ignore the possibility that the ‘swat teams’ blew up the rig.

    The possibility of a volcano or other seismic action is supported by the number of earthquakes in a line extending to the incident area…small earthquakes but possibly indicators of increased regional seismic activity that was exacerbated by the BP explosion.


    And I can’t believe that we would consider a nuke to stop this—we are REALLY STUPID!!!!!

  • of course its a volcano………no one is going to admit to it because everyone would realize just how scewed we really are, and then bp would be off the hook and no’one will be the scapegoat……..

    there is a volcanic break into the oil field
    the heat started boiling the oil and created the gas and pressure that blew the rig..now water is also getting in and creating more steam pressure…
    (note this all started right after the big 7.2 quake nearby)
    chances are the hole is below the top level of the field, that would be one reason oil is spewing not just gasses
    basically its a losing proposition…….till all the oil above the holes level is gone it will spew oil…….if they cap it it may pop like a big bubble……this one may be beyond us to fix……

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