Month: May 2010

What Change Looks Like Redux

I just became aware that our favorite image of the imposter-in-chief (after he had Nancy and Harry ram through his deathcare bill) is now available as a poster from DaleToons. If you would like what is sure to be THE commemorative image of the fascist-in-charge, just hit this link. For those that want the shirt, go here. Then make sure to do a fly-by of DaleToons and check out the rest of his amazing artwork.
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Greece On Fire

Greece erupts as men from IMF prepare to wield axe Anger is intensifying over cuts to be made as part of the EU deal to save the economy MAY DAY protests in Greece turned violent yesterday as youths in gas masks and hoods set fire to vehicles, smashed shop fronts and threw molotov cocktails and rocks at police in an explosion of fury over austerity measures they claim will hurt only the poor. (more…)
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Project Enoch

I'm a bit busy with something today, but I did run across an interesting link which led me to a Scribd doc that you might want to peruse.  I have not read it in it's entirety yet, and many of you may already know about Project Enoch.  If so, please expound on it in comments and offer any links you think might add to the conversation and education of fellow Monster readers. Project Enoch
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