Truth vs. Media Bias; Arizona SB1070 Marches, 5.29.2010

It wouldn't be a socialist protest without SEIU!

It is common knowledge that the MSM that went over to the dark side early in the 20th century are now openly pushing the progressive meme of collectivism through erasure of borders and bias against the American exceptionalism of the greatest generation. Perfect examples of their allegiance to TPTB can be found in the stories covering the immigration marches for and against SB1070 this past Saturday in Phoenix. Fortunately, the alternative media, in this case, American Power was on the scene to photograph the actual occurrences of extremism including socialists, anarchists, and illegals.

First, a few tidbits from the lapdogs of the progressive power-brokers.

NY Times:

Foes and Supporters of New Immigration Law Gather in Arizona

At the rally in favor of the law, which began with the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem, any mention of Mexico or supporters of the law brought lusty boos — a video clip of President Felipe Calderón of Mexico especially fired up the crowd, which was mostly white and middle-aged or older. Placards like “Illegals out of the U.S.A.” were typical, though speaker after speaker ridiculed the idea that the crowd was racist. (emphasis mine)

LA Times:

Thousands in Phoenix protest Arizona’s immigration law

Reporting from Phoenix —
Under a broiling desert sun, tens of thousands of protesters on Saturday slowly marched five miles to the state Capitol to rally against Arizona’s controversial new immigration law.

And now for the real story.

American Power (Make sure to hit the link and see the rest of the photos and commentary):

Immigrants and Socialists March Against SB 1070 in Phoenix

This is why I covered it. Reading the morning newspapers on yesterday’s illegal immigrant march in Phoenix, you’d think it was just a nice outing for families to stand up against Arizona’s SB 1070. But this was no weekend picnic. The event was more about revolution and reconquista than about “immigration reform.” The Arizona Republic, CNN, and the New York Times all publised blasé reports, riddled with inaccuracies and omissions.

Source: Memeorandum

By Logistics Monster


  • A comment in my local paper suggested that we take Mexico’s immigration law and how they deal with illegals, have it translated from Spanish to English and make that the law of the land.

    Wonder how the Mexican president would answer that one?

  • No kidding. It is far more draconian than anything in the US. Calderon had some nerve criticizing AZ’s law, IMHO.

    And CA has a very strict law, too! How is it that all of these CA cities are boycotting AZ? Are they willfully violating state statutes? If so, I have news for them – they are breaking the law there according to the CA stature against illegal immigration. What happened to this being a country of laws?

    LM – really like the new format.

    I hope you and your readers have a good Memorial Day. President Clinton created a National Moment of Remembrance to take a moment at 3:00pm (local time) to reflect on those who died in service to their country. I would add, for their family members and loved ones as well. (

  • red lemur -

    What is the problem,?I fully endorse imagration reform.
    Reduce the number of legal imigrants.And stop all illegal crossings! Oh did I say all illegal’s must go back yup that too,and your kids dont get american status! beat it!

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