Mega Mosque At Ground Zero: Understanding The Enemy (UPDATED: Remember Buddha)

This is considered barbaric:
Aztec Sacrifice

..but in 2010, an offender of Islam is buried shoulder deep and stoned:

Wake up America! Islam is on the march and using your American principles of ‘live and let live’ against you.
Knowing your enemy is the first step to defeating your enemy.

“Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance.”
“Let your plans be dark and as impenetratable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”
“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”
“Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.”
“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster.”

– Sun Tzu

Do not fool yourselves into thinking that Islam will ever allow American principles to stand separate and apart from the muslim world if it is allowed to islamize our country. Islam does not and cannot allow freedom of speech or freedom of religion because, despite powerful propaganda from the media, Islam is the religion of subjugation – not peace.

The muslims that are attempting to infiltrate and influence the direction of America are using the progressive tactic of ‘nudge’ using our own principles against us.  The end result will be sharia law and the death of America as we know her.

This New Yorker explains the outward and private reaction of American muslims in the aftermath of the Twin Tower attacks.  Muslims are required by their religion to befriend non-believers for security and to ‘smile in their faces, while they curse them in their hearts.’  I urge you to watch the entire video, and then support SOIA in the battle to keep Islam from marking their territory with a mega-mosque at Ground Zero.

“What did muslims do when they conquered Mecca?  The went to the Kabba, the center of pagan worship and they claimed it for Islam. What did muslims do when they took Jerusalem?  Where did they build their mosque?  They built it on the Temple Mount. When muslims conquered Damascus; where did they build their mosque? They demolished the church of St. John the Baptist, and replaced it with a mosque.  Why? When you islamize the most important places of your enemy,  you destabilize your enemy, you make them weaker, and you show them that muslims are in control.

“We don’t have a religious center here in the United States of America, but we do have an economic center.  The heart of that economic center was the World Trade Center which was destroyed by muslims.  And now muslims want to construct a massive mosque.  Why?  To honor the victims of 9.11?  Keep in mind that this was in the mind of muslims all along.  Right after the September 11th attacks, muslims were joking about filling the city with mosques.  And now they tell us they are doing it to honor the victims of 9.11.  Smiling in our faces, while cursing us in their hearts.

From Atlas Shrugs:

911 Mosque: Iraqi Muslim Columnist in Arab Media Warns of “Cordoba Initiative” — “Name Chosen for the Planned Ground Zero Cordoba Mosque Symbolizes Dreams of Expansion and Invasion of the Territory of the Other”

Iraqi Columnist in Arab Liberal Online Daily Elaph: The Hostile and Provocative Name Chosen for the Planned Ground Zero Cordoba Mosque Symbolizes Dreams of Expansion and Invasion of the Territory of the Other

Iraqi-American columnist Khudhayr Taher published an article in the Arab online liberal daily on May 18, 2010 in which he warns against the desire to turn the U.S. into a Muslim country. Taher called upon the American administration to ban the building of mosques, and especially the Cordoba Mosque, planned for construction near Ground Zero in New York, because, he says, these mosques pose a danger to the security of the U.S. as they are centers for spreading extremist and terrorist ideas.

Following is a translation of excerpts from the article:

“In these days, the issue of the Muslim decision to build a mosque near the place where the crime of the cowardly September 11 terrorist attacks took place has come up. We must note that a hostile and provocative name [Cordoba] has been chosen for this mosque. It is well known that the first Cordoba Mosque was built by Muslims in a city in Spain, after they occupied this Christian country, killing its men and capturing its women to bring them to Arab countries as slaves and servants to serve their sexual pleasure. The Arabs and Muslims have never ceased to take pride and bask in the glory of this imperialist history, which they consider to be a symbol of their strength and power, and they are unashamed of the fact that the annals [of their history] are full of shameful crimes.

“Today, it seems as though some Muslims in America are enamored of the dream of bringing back this ugly imperialist Muslim history, which is based on occupying peaceful peoples, on trying to force them to change their religious beliefs by the sword, on killing the men, and on abducting the women from their homes and bringing them to their own countries. Choosing the name ‘Cordoba House’ for the mosque to be constructed in New York was not coincidental or random and innocent. It bears within it significance and dreams of expansion and invasion [into the territory] of the other, [while] striving to change his religion and to subjugate him…

“New York has many mosques, for Sunnis and for Shiites. Of course there is a significant infiltration of extremist terrorist ideology among some of the Sunnis, and likewise there is a significant infiltration of the Iranian intelligence [apparatus] among some of the Shi’ites. This infiltration, both among the Sunnis and among the Shi’ites, has spread across the U.S. New York State has many mosques, and doesn’t need any more of them – not to mention that for work reasons Muslims do not attend mosque every day, but only on Saturdays and Sundays. Therefore, the Muslims have no real need for the construction of this mosque, which constitutes a provocation against the sensibilities of the Americans and a reminder for them of the Muslim imperialism in Spain and of the acts it committed against the Christians – such as murder, pillage, taking captives, and aggression against women.

“As a Muslim and as an American citizen, I hope that the U.S. government will issue a decision to confiscate the funds designated for the construction of this mosque, and to transfer them to a budget for rebuilding the towers of the World Trade Center in New York, [and also to] ban the building of [additional] mosques in the U.S., because there is no real need for them. Also, [we must] take into account the danger that they [i.e. the mosques] pose because they are hothouses for extremist terrorist ideology and for hatred of the other, and because they carry out open missionary activities considered a violation of the freedom and religion of others.”

Islamic Center of Boston and Gov. Deval Patrick:

(H/T Snarky Basterd for the first video)


I just remembered the Taliban blowing up the Buddha statue, and found this article to go along with the image.

Buddha; Before and After

From Creeping Sharia:

March 2001: Taliban destroy ancient Buddha statues (video)

The Taliban were assisted by Saudi/Pakistani engineers in the destruction of the ancient Bamiyan Buddha statues. Al Jazeera was the only outfit permitted to film the destruction. (If anyone has the original video please link to it). Almost all the videos of the demolition we found online were jihadi propaganda videos celebrating the event.

If you want to follow a religion of peace that does not kill in the name of God, maybe Buddhism is for you.

By Logistics Monster


    • ..of the Iranian woman being stoned? Yes, real. just google muslim stoning and you will see hundreds – both men and women from all over the world. This is still happening right now as we speak. People really do need to understand Islam and what it actually is.

  • Anyone wanting to understand what is happening with radical Islam needs to make Atlas Shrugs a daily stop. She holds nothing back and shows the truth.

    Americans need to know what is on the horizon just look at Europe, we are not far behind.

    • Thanks for reminding me to put a RSS widget for her site on the bottom of the main page. I go there a couple of times a day. The stealth jihad is here, has been here, and is making ground each and everyday.

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    ..With Jr. muslim in the White House is it anybodys guess when WE take another hit??…

  • Gunthar -

    Of the Iranian woman being stoned in this caption? No. It’s a screen shot from a movie. But, does it still happen, yes. The movie is based on a recent stoning in Iran. The movie is made by Iranians living outside Iran to show the horrors of what is still taking place in a few minor circles of the Islamic faith. The Iranians who made the movie are all Muslim, by the way. Do you think the Muslim men and women who made this movie understand what Islam is ‘actually’ about? I think they do and I think they’re trying to show the rest of the world what it is not about. If you actually watched the movie, you’ll see the negative light in which the hard-liners are portrayed.

    You may want to watch a movie called Osama, too. It’s about a little girl growing up under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan and the crap she has to endure. It’s also made by a group of Muslims who don’t agree with the hard-liners.

    Again, I’m a Muslim. So’s my wife. We have statues and paintings of Buddha all over out house. We like the art, the peace he represents and some of his lessons, but not necessarily all aspects of the religion. So do a few of our Muslim friends. We also live in a Muslim country right down the street from a nice little night club called the Buddha Bar where they have a 30 foot tall statue of the Buddha.

    Grouping all Muslims together into the same boat as the Taliban and other hard-line believers is like grouping Christians together into the same boat as those who murdered Dr. Tiller in church last year.

    Let’s also not forget that American forces fighting in the Middle East are being hosted by the surrounding countries of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the UAE, Oman, etc. etc. etc. All are Islamic countries operating primarily on Sharia law… hmmmm. Where’s the hostility there? Where’s the hidden agenda there? Trade benefits? Access to US and EU military armament? Access to NASDAQ? Or just they do not agree with the hard-liners who murder women and fly planes into the WTC?

    Please, a little more circumspect next time.

    • Gunthar – you seem to think that I am just your average democrat or republican. I am neither, and I am tired of being PC about muslims and sharia law in America. I am a libertarian that believes we should pull all our troops out of every single country that they are in; pull out of the UN – and let everybody work it out without the US playing traffic cop to genocide. God will sort it out. Once we step foot off of muslims lands, the debate stops. I am also a history buff who studied many cultures, including the Ottoman Empire; I know how it works.

      As for ‘moderate’ muslims – it’s time to put up or shut up. With the crazy christians, we know who has gone off their rockers because the fanatics are thrown in the snowbank. When are muslims like yourself going to cast out the religious zealots and stop them from making your entire religion look like The Chronicles of Riddick? You know what we are hearing? *crickets*. If the moderates outnumber the radicals – clean house. Are the moderate muslims watching the millions of American Patriots about to clean Congress’ clock in November? Stop going along to get along. If you are a moderate, you know in your heart that barbaric practices like stoning, caning, whipping, cutting off of hands, etc. are just outright sins against your fellow man.

      The American Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of religion but says nothing about adapting current law for an individual’s religion. If I had my way, I would expect every single American to comply with the concept of not pushing your religion in another’s face. Including prayer rooms in schools. If American children cannot pray in school, then why have muslim prayer rooms. America is a secular society; if a muslim can’t adapt to the fact, they need to move to a country with a society that welcomes islam and sharia law.Period.

      Unless and until moderates start stepping up, the silence is leading us to believe that American muslims are the other way around – muslim Americans.

      And as for the image – how about this one showing a 48 year old Somali about to be stoned for committing adultery?

      • Gunthar -

        Put up or shut up? Research current history and not pre-1920’s.

        As far as sin on fellow man, do you mean to include collateral damage as a sin or just a function of war fought with precision laser guided armament?

        Every nation is guilty of sin against fellow man.

        • You’re reaching on that one. Religious tenets, not war. What other major world religion espouses such violence, and don’t tell me that it is not going on right now – Saudi Arabia.

          Moderate Muslims have to start denouncing the radicals as the larger saner group.

  • leaping spark -

    The biggest mistake most Americans make is believing that moderate Muslims exist. So called moderate Muslims use the extremist as a tool to advance Islam. Moderate Muslims are willing to advance Islam by the word, or use their extremist brothers and sisters to advance Islam by the sword.

    Don’t be fooled, all Muslims are enemies of America and seek only our conversion to Islam or our servitude. Letting them build a Mosque at ground zero is a major victory for these scum bags. Americans wake up Obonzo is filling our country with our enemies and when the time is right they will strike.

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