ARIZONA LEGAL DEFENSE FUND, Time To Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona is currently fielding five federal lawsuits against SB1070 in two of which she is also named. Her AG, refuses to represent her, and she is now retaining private council to fight the globalists who are  absolutely beside themselves that somebody is enforcing federal immigration law. If you have not read about Honduras suing the State Of Arizona, you may want to go here, and then send a check to the governor.

What is the NWO to do with all of us sheeple who have our heads screwed on straight and are WIDE AWAKE, and PAYING ATTENTION while (insert your own phrase here).

The Governor’s Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund is up and running and it is now time to pony up folks.  Every single issue and electoral race is a national referendum now, and it is time to disseminate this information as far and wide as possible to send, yet again, another message to the freaks in Washington, D.C. that WE ARE COMING for them.

Brewer has fund to defend SB 1070

PHOENIX – With pollsters finding most Arizona voters back SB 1070, Gov. Jan Brewer is offering those folks a chance to let their wallets speak for them.

The new immigration enforcement law is under siege, facing at least five federal lawsuits. So Brewer has started a legal defense fund to pay a private lawyer, given what her spokesman described as Attorney General Terry Goddard’s half-hearted commitment to defend the bill and his refusal to defend Brewer, who is named in the lawsuits, at all.

On Wednesday Brewer issued an executive order establishing a special defense fund to accept private donations to pay the legal costs in fighting challenges to SB 1070.

Gubernatorial press aide Paul Senseman said the idea has been percolating for several weeks, since the state began getting unsolicited checks from individuals who want Arizona to win the legal dispute playing out in federal court.

The tally so far, he said, is about $10,000 from close to 300 individuals from more than 40 states.

There is no single large donor, he said. Although some are $250, “They are averaging fairly small size, some as small as $20, $10.”

The timing comes just days after Goddard said that while his office will fight the lawsuits, it will not defend Brewer.

On Tuesday Brewer hired John Bouma, chairman of the Phoenix law firm of Snell & Wilmer, to represent her in federal court, after Goddard declined to represent her, Senseman said.

Goddard – the lone Demo-crat running for governor, with a good chance he will face Republican Brewer in the November general election – acknowledged turning the governor down.

“I am counsel for the state, I am counsel for almost all the state boards and commissions,” he said. “But I am not counsel for the governor by law.”

Anyway, Goddard pointed out two of the five lawsuits name both Brewer and him as individual defendants.

“In order to avoid any possibility that we might have divergent opinions about how best to enter a defense, it was probably best to start with separate counsel,” Goddard said. “So it wasn’t a rejection.”

Senseman said Brewer is just as happy not to have Goddard representing her.

“Given his various statements that have, at times, favored the legislation and at other times opposed it, the governor’s much more confident that she will provide the most vigorous defense available,” he said.

The Governor’s Contact Information:

The full mailing address is:
The Honorable Jan Brewer
Governor of Arizona
1700 West Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Telephone (602) 542-4331
Toll Free 1-(800) 253-0883
Fax (602) 542-1381

Establishing the Governor’s Border Security and Immigration Legal Defense Fund

State Of Arizona Legal Defense Fund Executive Order

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  • clemintine -

    thanks for posting this. i did post a link in the honduras thread.

    she has suspended our attny general from any of the legal actions re the immigration bill, as he is in opposition to the bill. despite his claim to “fight back vigorously”, i agree with her that he is not to be trusted…..

      • clemintine -

        at one time he polled fairly well…however now is a different story. right now jan brewer is facing other republican hopefuls in a primary and she is polling well. even though some of the other candidates are “interesting” and have a lot to offer, i am voting for brewer. i believe she has shown the leadership and guts needed for arizona. she was left a mess when napolitano went to washington; however, not once has she whined or played the blame game. she has been able to get the legislature to pass two bills very quickly. (within 2-3 days after her request) one was regarding the the health care law suit and the other was to suspend goddard for the immigration suits and hire private attnys. she has signed some major 2nd amendment bills into law. she signed the ethnic studies bill….they were teaching la raza and reconquista in our tucson schools. there are others also that clearly demonstrate she is willing to take the heat. evidently she was formerly in our state legislature and was very popular.
        the school superintendent that pushed for the ethnic study bill is running for goddard’s job, and his deputy superintendent is running for the superintendent job…..

        arizona local elections will be interesting this year……..

  • This is a cause all Americans should get behind, if Arizona is silenced than the struggle gets even harder.

    We are all affected by illegal immigration and if the Feds will not do their job than let the average Joe and Jane do it for them.

    Anyone with computer access should be able to send at least 10 dollars. We must all stick together and fight for each other, remember they win if they can divide us.

  • John5319 -

    As those Americans who favor the plight of the Illegals, responsible citizens in other states, are adopting their own Arizona laws. Massachusetts is putting forth their own law with 82% of their state residents APPROVAL, and it’s tougher that the AZ Law. This from a Blue state, and it is foretelling about the coming Obama lame duck pResidency.

    Question is, will this pResident will he allow himself to be controlled by “We the people”?
    If, for ANY reason a national calamity strikes by Muslim extremists, and Obama’s declaring Martial Law, will we have our right to elections that would danger his control & congressional power?

    The workings are already in place by Executive Order 13528, which which establishes a “Council of Governors,” these APPOINTED directly by the president, is for the expressed purpose of building a national/domestic police partnership”.
    This executive order was issued for one purpose only, and that is to build a “legal” partnership between the federal government’s national military force and the domestic police state so that they become one and the same. But in reality, this “partnership” would be controlled by the executive branch of the federal government; this being the most dangerous kind of Fascism. Nothing could be more treacherous or more of a threat to liberty than for one man, the President of this now “United State,” to have the power to control and use in domestic matters the entire federal military, the National Guard, the Reserves, the Coast Guard and all State Police organizations. This would effectively give the president the power to establish Martial Law over the entire country at any given time of his choosing. Read up:

    “So why would anyone think that this government could not and would not take the next step in its progression of control? That next step is Martial Law, and once implemented might turn out to be the final step in ending our history of freedom!”

    Extremists have been KNOWN to cross our southern border, it is Fact, but not reported in Arizona. … Where is the outrage, or are we Sheep to Washington?

    • clemintine -

      i have said it before and will continue to say it……those that believe they can enforce a rule of law that will take away an American citizen’s liberty have seriously underestimated the American spirit. from every corner of our nation i see a revitalization of our connection to the core principles that made this nation exceptional. it is evident in this movement to support arizona and in many other “movements” across the nation. the American people are rediscovering their “roots” and recognizing we are powerful as a group. we will stand together and defy those that are plotting against us. just as the founders pledged all that they had to form a new nation of liberties for all, so are the American people of this era pledging all to restore our republic.

      it is seeing this kind of support for arizona that reaffirms the hope and faith that is core to America.

      • I like to think of it as the “American Renaissance” – because it truly is a resurgence of what made America great. Yes, the next few years are really gonna suck rocks, but the payoff is going to be well worth it. And we can thank Barry, Harry, and Nancy in all their infinite wisdom for believing that we were just too freakin’ busy to get involved. Please push through something else – Please!!!

        I cannot wait to start dismantling all the crap they have put in place in the last 120 years (starting with that parasitical organization – The Fed), and returning our country to some semblance of sanity.

  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    This is a cause that we should all rally around by sending whatever money we can to this legal fund. We can not afford to allow Arizona to fight alone!!!!

    Besides the obvious help that donations will make, I want to see other States step up to the plate and follow Arizona’s courageous lead. We can all do a part in this by pressuring our state legislators. Each state MUST own their 10th amendment rights, whether it be immigration issues or other issues where to Federal Government is extending their tyrannical, corrupt, cheating hands!!

    Where is Texas??? Please step foward……and all the rest.

  • JasperCounty -

    Donations for Arizona, donations for Allen West, donations for any conservative who is running for election…we need to donate as much as we can afford and then get out and work for their campaigns.

  • Ron Bertotti -

    There will be a fund raiser at Gino’s Steaks in Philadelphia on Wednesday the 14th of July. I will be there with six of my friends and we will work to help you fight this suit by big brother.
    Best Wishes to my friends in Arizona

  • Clarence L. Dobson -

    I am sending a check ASAP. I hope we can win this. And I hope we can vote everyone of them Damn democrats out of office.

    • Clarence,

      It’s not just Dems, but Republicans too. What you should be looking for is the hallmarks of progressivism which is all about the collective and ceding American sovereignty. Yes, there are more Dems that have been corrupted, but the Republicans have been too. Just look at McCain and Graham who believe in ‘comprehensive’ (read: allow criminals citizenship) immigration reform. If a politician does not want to deport every last criminal back to their country of origin then they are on the progressive side trying to capture votes. Every single one of these illegal aliens is taking a job from an American citizen. In this climate of poverty and depression, I know many that would be taking any job to help feed their families.

  • hazel hill -

    It is a sad day when our President (Community Organizer) is willing to sacrifice the safety of the citizens of the USA and most certainly Arizona so he
    can run his own agenda. Shame on him. I can not call him President because his actions during his reign of terror has not been on behalf of the good of our country

  • Naatan Gabbert -

    Arizona should SUE the federal Gov’t for not up-holding the constitutional requirements. Start with the baby anchor. If born in the US from aliens then the off spring is not a citizen. Control the numbers that enter even with proper approval.Need to speak, read and write tghe American language. No pushing #2.

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