Darrell Issa: “This Administration Can No Longer Be Trusted”

Do you really believe that Bill Clinton acted as a go-between for Rahm Emanuel in offering a non-paid advisory position to Joe Sestak? Really? REALLY? I’m calling donkeyballs on this one.

Darrell Issa makes the statement that “this administration can no longer be trusted”. I guess in GOP terms, those are some fighting words, and I am glad that somebody in government is starting to edge closer to what bloggers and talk radio have been saying since before the pResident was installed in our White House.

Will we be hearing the whole truth from the District of Criminals?  I’m not holding my breath.

When do we surround the capital and shut down the renegade ‘government gone wild’ again? When is the national strike?

By Logistics Monster


  • Rep Issa, I want to thank you for standing up against this situation about Rep Sestak. It is about time we begin calling the administrations’ bluff. I feel this administration is based upon wheeling and dealing trying to stay just under the radar of illegalities. What they say and what they do are two very diffent things. I want to see an investigation as this is too obvious of obstruction of justice.

  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    ” This administration can no longer be trusted ” !! ???? H-E-L-L-O !!!! While very much appreciated for this most, obvious conclusion, it is, ABOUT TIME!! Now, if we can just get the weazles in the media and the spineless congress to step up to the plate, maybe, just maybe, we can get this whole nightmare behind us with the impeachment of the Obama brigade of lying, cheating, thugs!

    • November is the line in the sand. I know that many Americans are just waiting for that moment before they make their next moves.

  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    I say we surround the White House very, very soon and not go away until we get what we need, which is the criminal-in-chief to be arrested and put in jail where he belongs.

    • I’ve been liking that idea for over a year – I’m sure you agree. It’s just keeps getting worse. I wake up every morning wondering what that loser has done while I was asleep – I am, unfortunately, never disappointed.

  • red lemur -

    YES WE CAN(f**k up america)
    CHANGE YOU CAN BELEIVE IN(now they just openly violate the Constitution)
    HOPE(hope ya can keep down yer lunch while while the moonbat libtards and muslims f**k up everything america stands for)

  • How about 0bama sends Bill Clinton to the Gulf so he can make a deal with the oil leak? That’s more plausible than the outright lie they are telling now. Clinton? Where was he for the past 3 months while this scandal was festering and why didn’t he speak up before to nip it in the bud? Because he was never involved. Clinton agreed to do this because he now holds some very important cards…he can choose to destroy 0bama if he wants. Yet 0bama and his minions didn’t even think about the folly of giving Bubba such power. And who would come out the big winner if Clinton decided to blow the story wide open? Yeah….you know. The Secretary of State, whose approval rating is in the 60s. Barry could only dream of such high numbers.

    • That is probably the course of events, and yes, Bambi and the cracksmokin’teenagers probably did not realize the sharkiness of both Bubba and his wife. I keep trying to figure out how many more ways they can screw us six ways from Sunday – but because I’m not some freakin’ political operative, and like most americans, don’t think like a criminal, I’m at a loss until they fire up the next fiasco.

      Bill Clinton was NEVER the go-between but a united front will take them halfway there.

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    Clinton got impeached for a Cigar and a Dirty Dress, and yet nobody seems to be moved to impeach obongo except Rep Darrell Issa..Why isn’t the PC Tea Party backing Issa or Protesting with 250,000 protesters surrounding the White House??..I’ll vote for Issa in 2012, won’t for Newt,Romney or Palin,..RINOS all.

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