Pam Geller Speaks To Tennessee Tea Party On Sharia Law, Sharia Finance With Treasury Backing

Ms. Geller speaking to the Tennessee Tea Party about the Treasury giving seminars on sharia finance, and how sharia law is creeping into our society very stealthily. Pam also covers the protest on June 6th against the mega-mosque being built at Ground Zero. On this issue, I must put my libertarian beliefs aside and state as an American, muslims MUST NOT BE ALLOWED to have the call to prayer at Ground Zero as it will symbolize their conquest of America. If this is allowed to happen, it will become the battle call for the reemergence of the Persian Ottoman Empire.

Stop Islamization Of America

Pam Geller’s seminar at the Tennessee Tea party:
“Truth is the new hate speech”

By Logistics Monster


  • ReverendCirca53 -

    The PC protests of citizens and the Tea Party don’t get anything accomplished..Banks have been set up across the Country to service islamic needs..If you check your own bank, you may find they have a sharia loan dept…………..SEE…

  • 13th Amendment banned slavery, and though it didn’t mention financial slavery by name, it is included in the spirit of the law.

    Sharia law (based totally upon servant/master law) introduces the social darwinism that the 13th Amendment banned, and all of America should reject it as inconsistent with the Constitution – however advantageous Big Banks, Wall Street and Big Business consider it. America needs no economic law governed by caste systems.

  • There are these things called the first and fourteenth amendments. You should read them sometime, they’re pretty interesting.

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