Glenn Beck, 5.26.2010: Frankendodd Financial Reform Bill

(Editor’s Note: Please open this post in it’s entirety to see the Scribd Doc and the images that pertain to the Office Of Financial Research.)

Sometimes I just feel the need to send a nasty email to Beck to ask him why HE LEAVES IMPORTANT DATA OUT of his segments. Today, he was covering the Frankendodd Financial Reform bill and he left out what I consider to be a very important piece of the puzzle; the Office Of Financial Research (page 65 to 82 of Scribd doc below). This new government agency has a reported $500 Billion dollar a year budget, reports to Congress on the financial health of companies in America by collecting every single bit of data that they can get their paws on. Not only do they report on companies, but they get to use appropriated and assessed funds that are not needed to invest in companies (financial?)… wait…it gets better…and then the profits are ‘not considered government funds’.   How THE FRAK DOES THAT WORK? Does that not sound like insider trading to you, or at least a very big conflict of interest?

For the rest of the background info that Glenn is about to inform you of, go here, here, and here.  For information on the granddaddy of all central banks, start here.

Part 1:

Part 2, this bill does not include Fannie and Freddie:

Part 3, Cass Sunstein and the resurrection of Wilson and the propagandists:

HR4173 Restoring American Financial Stability Act of 2010 – Senate Version Passed 5.20.2010

…and they plan on having a fellowship program to teach more people to do what they are doing.

By Logistics Monster


  • Really-how can you trust Beck in the first place??? If the guy cannot be honest enough to confront the Joker in Chief about his clear lack of Constitutional eligibility-then how can you expect Mr. Beck to do anything else than tailor the news and views as he wishes.

    • Stock – did you read the bill? The rest of it is also in there so Beck is speaking the truth. So the question is, why was OFR left out.

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    Beck is an entertainer Not a newsman or journalist, failed DJ that landed the best gig of his life at $32 Million a year….Plow through the site and contact the Producer of his show….Reserchers for the show comes from News Corp,WSJ,FOX, Rupert Murdoch calls the shots and underlings make it all happen. Just remember that Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly and Greta do speak the Gospel….These 4 refuse to damage obongo, if they talked about the tips I know they have been given, obongo would be in Jail, or at least indicted..

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    That should read Beck, Hannity, O’Reilly, Greta, DO NOT Speak the Gospel..Beware of “Prophets of Profits”..Like RINO Palin….Notice that RINO Palin is no longer supporting her phony RINO Pal Lover Boy Juan McLame….

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