Monster’s Host Suffers DDoS Attack

Logistics Monster uses MediaTemple to host this site.  Earlier today, MT reported that they suffered a DDoS attack that shut down their nameservers, and caused numerous sites to go down – the Monster included.

Any host can suffer a DDoS attack, and many have, but after numerous problems, a massive hacking intrusion last year, and downtime, I have made the decision to move the Monster to another host. There is an insane number to choose from, so I am requesting feedback from my readers as to who you think is reliable, has great customer service, excellent uptime, etc.


By Logistics Monster


  • Ginny Linn -

    These are the money changers of the world. The people of the world are their slaves; we are all slaves to these greedy bastards. Do me a favor, post all of their names (individuals and banks). We should know who our masters are.

    Hopefully, when the world economies come crashing down, these bankers will be hunted like the animals they are. God willing.

  • red lemur -

    hey kids if perponderance of the evidence leads you to beleive this is not coincidents! you would be among freinds!

  • TarNFeathers -

    Personally, I would find out who some of the big guys (Zerohedge, Market ticker, BoomBust,etc) use for a server.

    You only want to do it once

  • Sorry you’re having trouble with this stuff…you must be scaring the daylights out of somebody…LOL

    Blessings to you for your courage and inspiration!


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