The progressives realize that too many Americans are waking up to the concept of what “New World Order” actually means; loss of American sovereignty and an end to the American dream of prosperity. The globalists are once again changing the terminology, hoping that in those few minutes of MSM that you actually catch, the new terminology will fool you.  ‘New International Order’ and ‘Global Governance’ continue to be the globalists’ agenda of a New World Order started so many decades ago by Warburg, Rockefeller, Morgan, DuPont, etc. and so on.

We must stabilize our legislative and executive branches with elected public servants that are devout followers of the Founders’ Constitution, as hard as that may be sometimes, and then extricate ourselves from the spider web of the United Nations.  This organization planted at the heart of the major financial capital in the world has been directing the agenda for too many decades.  It is eviction time.

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