I’ve taken a lot of heat from the right when I start bashing the Patriot Act for being the single most dangerous Act to be passed by the cowardly congress when it comes to the inherent infringement on privacy, liberty, and the amount of control the government now has over everything you do.   Every time you see a camera at an intersection recording your face, your plate, and your car; think Patriot Act and the NWO globalists tracking, what they believe is, their property.

The argument is that we have to catch the terrorists at any cost, and that our national security agencies have to do whatever they deem necessary to accomplish that mission.  Poppycock!  The  slowly awakening but too trusting sheeples are going to have to make a choice soon between standing tall or kneeling as the shackles are put on.

If you are a blogger, citizen journalist, or a tea party patriot; pay attention because the Climate of Fear just got a bit thicker.

ABC News video–whistleblowers expose massive government violations of privacy

When the Conservative Examiner presented proof in a 7-part series that the Obama government is engaging in covert activities to rob citizens of their liberties, naysayers dismissed the information as ‘inconclusive,’ despite the reliability of the unnamed sources for that information.

However, ABC News interviewed a whistleblower who exposes a massive government intrusion into the privacy of all citizens by reading their emails and Instant Messages, listening to their phone calls, monitoring their movements on the Internet, and tracking the ‘Patriot movement’ as a ‘violent threat’ to national security, although no one in the Patriot movement has engaged in such violence.

Not only that, but the government is working with a corporation–AT&T–in order to accomplish this privacy violation:

Note that this secret program was exposed in 2008, while George W. Bush was President.

Thus, we know for a fact that the government has been doing exactly what was claimed in the Conservative Examiner series on Obama’s 4th Reich.  Only the faces have changed.  The program is the same and has in fact been kicked up into high gear under the Obama Administration.

In fact, People for Freedom reports that the Pentagon’s Cyber Command is currently preparing to wage war against American citizens who insist on liberty and the adherence to the U.S. Constitution. :

Early last week the Air Force assigned approximately 30,000 “digital troops” to “the front lines of cyber warfare,” a number that represents a third of the troops in Afghanistan. “The transformation is part of the service’s larger emphasis on cyberspace operations and merging most computer system operations and network warfare functions under Space Command’s 24th Air Force, based at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas,” reported the Air Force Times on May 19.

But the bombshell that was revealed in this latest expose of secret government operations directly impacts bloggers and citizen journalists who are not ‘authorized’ by government to report their propaganda:

According to investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, at least some members of the NSA want to deal with pesky bloggers in a more direct and deadly fashion. In August of 2008, Madsen reported that an executive level NSA staff person was on record saying that significant sentiment exists within the NSA to kill troublesome bloggers and journalists.

Added to this disturbing information is the fact that at West Point last week Barack Obama called for a ‘new international order:

These various factors add up to one big concerted attack on average American citizens by the present government and its enablers in the mega-corporate world.

The jackboot is on our throats.

(H/T PM)

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