With Obama and Biden in charge of transforming the United Socialist States of America, is it surprising that Joe would say that Brussels should be considered the capital of the free world?  How embarrassing it is to have Gumby and GumbyJr. representing us?

“As you probably know, some American politicians and American journalists refer to Washington, DC as the “capital of the free world.” But it seems to me that in this great city, which boasts 1,000 years of history and which serves as the capital of Belgium, the home of the European Union, and the headquarters for NATO, this city has its own legitimate claim to that title.”

What about regular Americans believing that America has been the beacon of light? If it was not true, Islamic Jihadists would not be attacking, and our borders would not be overrun.

Fortunately for us, these two fools appear to have had parents that did not instill that one virtue of keeping some thoughts to oneself.  We always know what they are up to.


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