Alex Jones On Global Tyranny, Abortion, ICE Giving Jobs To Illegals, and Pirates…

Alex was on a roll yesterday with tidbits of information that you are not going to hear anywhere else; including the smearing of Rand Paul, Dr. Paul’s stance on abortion, Margaret Sanger’s eugenics, ICE giving jobs and green cards to illegals, illegals building border fences, and the fiasco with Iran and North Korea.

Part 6:

Margaret Sanger: The Pivot Of Civilization 1922

Part 7:

Border Fence Firm Snared for Hiring Illegal Workers

EXCLUSIVE: ICE Gives Work Permits to 27 Illegal Aliens in Seattle Raid; ICE Cancels Customs Freight Inspection b/c They “Might Find Illegal Aliens”; Head Agent: “Don’t Tell Debbie Schlussel”

Ahoy, gringos! Border lake terrorized by Mexican pirates

Part 8:

By Logistics Monster

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