Barack & Michelle Definitely Want You Eating Cake And Nada Else

I want to thank my blogging sistah, UppityWoman, for posting about this article. I am shamelessly swiping it from her site.


How many of you have lost your jobs, your healthcare, your homes, your life savings, your freakin’ sanity?  How many of you are now on food stamps or waiting in line at food banks?  How many of you are sweating the fact that if your child has a cavity or breaks a bone, you are screwed?  How many of you are eating one meal a day now so that your children can have more? How many of you are just hunkered down waiting for the wave to break over you?


How many of you think that a duo that went from this:

…living here:

Sen. Obama and Michelle Obama's Chicago Mansion

to this:

The Dictators in France, June, 2009 Michelle "Imelda" Obama and Barry "Juan" Soetoro

living here:

This House Isn't Good Enough For The Obamas/Soetoros

…would ever just be completely grateful for the blessings bestowed upon them?  Nope, did not think so either.  These two dictator-wanna-bes are about to blow $376 MILLION DOLLARS OF YOUR MONEY ON A WHITE HOUSE UPGRADE!

Feel free to stop reading and run to the bathroom to puke – I did.

Home Improvement at the White House: $376 Milion

NEWSCORE – The White House welcomed construction crews early Saturday morning local time to launch a $376 million, four-year renovation project, the largest improvement plans on the executive mansion in more than 50 years, Bloomberg News reported.

“This is the biggest upgrade since the complete renovation of the executive mansion in the Truman era,” Bob Peck of the General Services Administration told Bloomberg News Friday.

Upgrades will include a new heating, cooling, electrical and fire-alarm systems for the East and West Wings.

The price tag is more than 100 times the total cost of building the White House in the 1790s, Bloomberg reported. Congress approved funding for the project in 2008.

This would definitely be another one of those times when I really can’t write what I am thinking. These two are disgusting, pathetic, and cannot be escorted from the Oval Office fast enough.

By Logistics Monster


  • Any chance a Mosque is part of the upgrade that Mr. and Mrs Ovomit have planned?

  • Awww, what’s a little renovation once in a while? All buildings need it every half century or so, you know. The Washington Monument had a complete overhaul not long ago. As a part owner of the People’s House, I don’t mind chipping in a buck or so for some improvements. Last time I was in the WH I noticed it needed work but then I used to be in the renovation biz.

    There are plenty of other things to get upset about and this ain’t one of ’em. The money was already allocated two years ago. It costs money to maintain the government buildings in our Nation’s Capitol that zillions of tourists visit each year.

    With all that’s going on right now, it’s important to stay focused on the things that really matter.

    • Ron, I’m gonna take issue. Upgrade the WH when we aren’t in a depression with debt to gdp at an ungodly percentage. This was approved in 2008 – in the midst of the crash – what where they thinking then and what must they be thinking now. We are a bunch of fools for allowing this to continue.

      • I understand where you’re coming from but it helps to understand how this works. The GSA takes care of government buildings and always spends budget money on the care and upkeep. At one point, the US Capitol needed major work and then the Library of Congress and then the Washington Monument. A tiny fraction of the federal budget is always set aside for repairs, maintenance, building, and renovations as a normal cost of doing business. It’s similar to how major corporations work.

        Despite an economic downturn and reduced revenues, companies have to spend money on modernization and infrastructure to stay competitive.

        Here’s something about the GSA’s budget:

        President Obama’s $675 Million for GSA Budget Promotes Cost Savings through Innovative Sustainability and Efficiency Initiatives

        There are any number of things we can criticize Obama for or the Dem Congress but this isn’t one of them.

        What I’m really interested in is what’s going on with the military buildup in the Gulf and what’s going on with the world’s economies.

        • I understand your point Ron, and I do know that buildings have to be kept up, BUT this is the biggest renovation “in more than 50 years”. This definitely falls on the side of morally wrong when American has a 20% unemployment rate. These two could have tailored it way back or put it on the back burner. A little empathy and just a little leadership would be nice, but I know it ain’t coming anytime soon. Mark my words.

          As for the global economy – if I watched it every single moment of the day, my head would explode. I know what’s coming, and have a pretty good idea of when.

  • How completely hypocritical and nauseating!! Remember the story during the campaign of Madame Michelle ordering champagne and caviar during her stay at the Plaza? Remember the $500 sneakers she wore to a soup kitchen? How about the story of her having 22 handmaidens to meet her needs. These two frauds are beyond contemptible. Can’t wait for karma to kick in.

    • Did you have to remind me of the pattern of behavior that makes me think of teenagers running wild while their parents are away?

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    Might as well fix up da crib, he’s going to be living there another 6 years..RINO’s Palin, McLame, Newt and Steele are running the Repubs and declaring themselves the choice of the Tea Party movement, and the Tea Party “members” don’t seem to mind or are able to see through their horseshit..The “media” won’t touch obongo and his sidekicks, and their trying their damdest to take over Talk Radio and the Inner Google..Something BIG would have to happen to keep obongo out of the White House on the next go round, muslim mayhem..The economy perhaps..Double Digit Recession is in the forecasts….

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    Ron doesn’t know as much as he thinks he does..The National Park Service “owns” the White House and other Government Historical structures, and set’s the Standards for Restorations and Renovations across the USA..They spend for rehab, loss prevention, and restoration as needed..The White House has had some major repairs and freshening in the last 10 years….Any work to be done now has had to be kicked upstairs for quick approval….

  • Jasper DePew -

    And meanwhile returning Vet’s are living under bridges

  • “ANY WORK TO BE DONE HAS HAD TO BE KICKED UPSTAIRSFOR QUICK APPROVAL.”…..Does that mean “Michelle-my-bell” has already approved it?

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