Pastor Manning Press Conference; 5.21.2010; Post Treason Trial

Due to the lack of coverage of the CIA Columbia Obama Treason Trial, Pastor Manning has been inundated with requests for interviews. Pastor Manning decided to give a press conference on 5.21.2010.

Video clips at Ustream

(H/T LS)

4 thoughts on “Pastor Manning Press Conference; 5.21.2010; Post Treason Trial”

  1. That video is great, DT, thanks. I hope congress will not be the usual arses that they are.

    • But of course they will be! I would not expect anything less from the District of Criminals, would you? 165 days to go – and Djou just became the first GOP congressman from Hawaii in TWO FREAKIN’ DECADES.

  2. Pastor Manning is not only a great American, he is a highly intelligent man of great integrity. I am so thankful for his courage and his steadfastness in his belief in the almighty God.

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