Gerald Celente, 5.22.2010: The Global Economic System Is Breaking Down

Max Keiser interviewed Gerald Celente about his previous predictions and what is upcoming.

Part 1:

Part 2:

By Logistics Monster


  • Ginny Linn -

    Celente is GREAT! He knows the truth, and he’s not afraid to say it. People need to listen. It’s time to take back our country and our world from the banker Mob. It’s all about understanding what has been going on and what is currently going on. I mean, my God, we have been slaves to these corporate criminals for decades! Shut off their money supply and put them in prison where they belong. Some will need to tried as traitors, i.e., obama, pelosi, both clintons, and the list goes on.

    I see that things will have to get much worse before people wake up. And that means losing everything they have (unfortunately, that will affect me and my family too).

    • …and that would be why the most important thing that needs to happen INCLUDING ousting Obama is to shut down the Federal Reserve. That private banking cartel has been bleeding the American public DRY for decades in interest being paid on money from nothing.

  • I have major problems with Celente’s comments regarding Israel. First of all, let’s address the nuclear NPT. The signatories pledge to not share nuclear knowhow with non-nuclear nations. Israel certainly isn’t going to share anything like that with anyone so what’s the issue? Secondly, Celente mentioned the announcement about the 1600 units to be built on Palestinian land. That’s an outright lie. They would be built on Jewish land only. He needs to get his facts straight. How can he predict trends if he doesn’t have a clue what’s going on at the present?

    Iran is a clear and present danger. Obama is moving 5 carrier groups into position in the Gulf opposite Iran. If push comes to shove, both the US and Israel will be ready to deal with Iran, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza and put an end to the threat posed by Iran once and for all. Celente thinks that would be the start of WWIII. No, it would put an end to the possibility of such a war. China and Russia will be put on notice that they can no longer support that terrorist regime or face dire consequences.

    As for the criminals on Wall Street, i.e., the smart folks operating within the law, some regulation is in order but not necessarily the lame legislation now under consideration.

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