The Climate Of Fear Marches On

When the global progressives in the District of Criminals passed the Patriot Act without reading it, (setting the precedent which successive congresses have used to their advantage and our loss), I knew we were going down the dark path of warrant-less wiretapping, being held indefinitely without charges, loss of freedoms and liberties; in essence – the prelude to totalitarian government.   This Climate of Fear is a quiet terrorism perpetrated against Americans by the globalists, and most people fell for it in the name of ‘security’.

The second worst President in history (after Obama-The-America-Hater) put the framework in place to build the Climate of Fear that now pervades our country.  Most Americans I know watch what they say and what they write on the internet because once something hits the internet, it is eternal.

The media has abdicated their responsibility to keep the politicians and corporations accountable, and because we are Americans, the niche is being filled with citizen journalists and bloggers.  The globalists cannot allow this to continue.

Is anyone surprised that a republican AG is going after bloggers that have been critical of his use of grand juries through their Twitter accounts?  Is anyone surprised that Twitter officials are being threatened with arrest if they don’t comply?

Stop being shocked folks and get up to speed.  It is only a Climate of Fear if you allow it.  For instance, if 50,000 people show up to take pictures of a Federal Reserve Building — nobody is going to stop you or arrest you — because there are way more of us than there are of them.

AG Corbett Subpoenas Twitter to Name Bloggers

Harrisburg, Pa. – The state attorney general’s office has issued a subpoena threatening officials of the social networking service Twitter with arrest unless they reveal the names of two bloggers who have been critical of Attorney General Tom Corbett and his public corruption investigation.

The subpoena orders Twitter’s custodian of records to provide “any and all subscriber information” pertaining to the accounts “bfbarbie” and “CasablancaPA,” including name, address, contact information, creation date, and Internet protocol address.

The accounts have criticized Corbett’s use of grand juries, suggesting he used the investigations for political gain and to go after political opponents.

The Twitter representative was supposed to appear before the statewide investigating grand jury on May 14 to “give evidence regarding alleged violations of the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.” The court document does not specify what crime is being investigated. (emphasis mine)

The subpoena, issued May 6, further states that failure to attend may result in an arrest warrant for contempt of court. It is not clear whether Twitter has turned over the information.

Vic Walczak of the American Civil Liberties Union told Pittsburgh’s WTAE-TV that the court action “raises grave concerns about abuse of the grand jury process to retaliate against political critics and opponents.” He said Americans “have a right to criticize government officials and to do so anonymously.”

Corbett, who won the Republican nomination for governor Tuesday night, told the television station that he doesn’t have any problem with people criticizing him on Twitter. He refused to discuss the nature of the subpoena, however, stating that the investigation prevents him from discussing the matter.

Everybody needs to follow the example of Lt. Col. Allen West who has stated that he absolutely cannot stand Barack Obama. I loathe and detest the Man-Who-Thinks-He-Can-Destroy-America.

By Logistics Monster


  • clemintine -

    i am not sure who to credit this to….i heard it once in a speech and it really hit home:

    I will not sacrifice:
    Liberty for security
    Prosperity for subservience
    Opportunity for mediocrity
    Personal responsibility for gov’t benevolence

    and this from a speech by Thaddeus McCotter
    Our security is from strength, not from surrender.
    Our truths are self evident, not relative.
    Our liberty is from God, not the gov’t.
    Our sovereignty is in our souls and hearts, not the soil or scepter.
    Our prosperity comes from the private sector, not the public sector.

    until we as a nation return to living day by day in accordance with these beliefs, this nation will continue to be a shadow of itself. i believe it is worth fighting for and will continue to do so.

    • The first quote sounds like Adams or Franklin. I hate to say it, but I’m still waiting for McCotter to have a come-to-obama moment and betray us. Maybe not – only time will tell.

  • Buck Nekkid -

    Even more reason to question RINO Palin and her rah rah homey chats and undieing love for fellow RINO repubs, they are the problem also..Newt say’s he’s running in 2012, recall that he endorsed the lib Scuzzyfava, and the now reborn patriot McCain.So now people are waking up and have seen how far the country has slid into stupidity and communism.Let’s just see how strong our Constitution is. Follow the money..

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