Obama’s Gestapo Has Arrived

We don’t trust Obama, this administration, DHS, or Congress to do their jobs.  An expected event has now arrived.

From Reuters:

Obama starts deploying interrogation teams

(Reuters) – The Obama administration has started using special law enforcement and intelligence teams to interrogate suspected militants in the United States and abroad, including the Pakistani-American arrested in the Times Square bombing plot, a top official said on Tuesday.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced the formation of the High-Value Detainee Interrogation Group (HIG) in August and gave the reins to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, replacing the Central Intelligence Agency that did have the lead role in intelligence interrogations.

The program calls for the deployment of Mobile Interrogation Teams, made up of specialists from across the law enforcement and intelligence community, to question important detainees, whether they are in U.S. custody or in the custody of a foreign government.

“There have been a number of deployments of these Mobile Interrogation Teams to include for the Faisal Shahzad case,” said John Brennan, assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism.

Shahzad, a U.S. citizen born in Pakistan, is charged with trying to set off a crude car bomb in New York’s crowded Times Square on May 1. Prosecutors say he has provided valuable intelligence to investigators, who believe he was helped by the Pakistani Taliban movement.

Brennan declined to say whether the mobile teams have also been used in interrogations of the Afghan Taliban’s No. 2 leader, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who was captured in the Pakistani city of Karachi in January in a joint operation by the CIA and Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence spy agency.

Baradar is in Pakistan’s custody.

The HIG is the product of executive orders issued by President Barack Obama shortly after he took office in January 2009. The orders banned harsh interrogation methods put in place by his predecessor, President George W. Bush, and moved to close the Guantanamo Bay prison camp in Cuba along with secret CIA detention facilities.

Republicans in Congress have sharply criticized the Obama administration’s decision to send suspected militants to criminal courts rather than military tribunals, arguing that important intelligence is lost by cutting short interrogations.


Officials said the CIA plays a major part in the HIG’s activities.

In the United States, the CIA generally provides “subject matter experts with deep knowledge of the individual detainee” or of “the terrorist network in which he operates — its leaders, its methods, the countries from which he comes or in which he operates.”

Overseas, the CIA’s main role is to gain access to the detainee for questioning.

While there is no legal prohibition against CIA personnel participating in questioning a detainee in the United States, an administration official said “our practice so far and historically has been to leave the questioning to the FBI interrogators and for the CIA to provide subject matter experts outside the room, if you will.”

“The purpose … is to ensure that we optimize intelligence collection,” an Obama administration official said.

By Logistics Monster


  • Justin Boland -

    Do you even know what the Gestapo was? The Nazi “secret police” force — a huge, national and domestic organization. I just don’t see how you can make the comparison. This article is not about a new secret police force, it’s about a new unit of FBI — probably less than 100 people.

    Technically, the US has had our own Gestapo for decades now. Whether or not that’s the NSA, the FBI or the CIA is a matter of personal opinion. In the case of the CIA, the US brought actual Nazi Gestapo officials over and put them to work, so there’s a much stronger comparison to be made there.

    • Justin – you better start paying attention and get up to speed, or life is going to become very interesting for you.

      And yes, I and the family I lost in WWII know exactly what the Gestapo was, and what it looks like now.

  • Justin hasn’t reached the learning curve yet.
    Obots are like that.

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    ..Where is the House Un-American Activities Commission??….oh wait..their all libdemarxists….

  • Glenn has you running scared; will be interesting to find out how much more he will let us know about you…still trusting Obama???

    • Dottie? Glenn has who exactly running scared? If you are referring to Monster readers, you may want to check out the Socialism page, the date it was posted, the people involved, and then ask yourself – who knew what first?

  • Buck Nekkid -

    Note to Self..Contact Big Nappy..10-4 the Big O and the Broomstick Rider, and the Sissy..RE:Dottie.. ASAP..Moscow,Kabul,Antwerp Field Offices….HQ..

  • Justin Boland -

    None of you have answered my questions, so I’ll ask again:

    1. How is a new unit of the FBI equivalent to a nation-wide independent secret police force?

    2. How is the CIA, which already exists, not already equivalent to a nation-wide independent secret police force?

    It’s insulting to me that you’d assume I support Barack Obama. I’m just here asking questions, not defending anyone’s dogmas.

    When your normal reaction to being questioned is sneering at an outsider, well, take that moment to reflect on what you’re doing here. Just answer me — it’s easier and more polite.

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