Lt. Col. Allen West On Radical Islamic Terrorists, Obama, & Illegal Immigration(Video)

Want to hear what is really happening in our country with radical islamic terrorists, their camps inside our borders, terrorists learning spanish, illegal immigration?  How about the fact that Lt. Col. West is the first person I have heard say out loud that he cannot stand Obama.  …three…two…one…the calls of ‘seditious speech’ will being coming from the left any second now.

See our government wants to castigate us as the enemy. Our President went down and said that the problem is here in the United States of America. Well, you know, let’s face it. Wherever he goes he’s going to apologize for this country. I can’t stand the guy. I absolutely can’t stand him.

And never forget this, my fellow Americans, in 1930 there was a gentleman in Germany that took away private gun ownership, and you know what happened to that population.  You must be well informed and well armed because this government that we have right now is a tyrannical government, and it starts with this issue with illegal immigration.

To donate to West’s campaign, click here.

(H/T TheRightScoop)

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    Is he part of the left/right paradigm?

    • CA – NO – West is not part of the right/left paradigm, and I am personally very surprised that they are letting him keep breathing.

  • ReverendCirca53 -

    Here’s some good….And don’t and her take on the Miss USA terrorist connection, and her undercover, little Jewish chick in a hijab, trip into a mosque….

  • leaping spark -

    Sarah Palin / Allen West 2012, What a dream team! The commies will be running for cover.

  • I live 4 blocks out of his district, I would vote for him in a heart beat.

    • Here also. Instead I have Mazie to unseat. The bright side to that conundrum? John Willoughby — alot like West and Dale Peterson from Alabama.

  • Buck Nekkid -

    RINO Palin is a Nightmare, if she’s on the ticket, you will guarantee 4 More Long Years of Barry and Co.

  • leaping spark -

    Buck Nekkid must be an Obot as they attack the people they fear the most at every opportunity.

  • I have taken the attitude,that all politicians are guilty of something until proven innocent, that includes Palin.

  • lisa cox -

    As odd as it sounds, I desperately want to speak at length with someone who, even now, believes in “The Change”. And I really will listen. I want someone to explain and actually SHOW me why I shouldn’t be feeling the same gut-wrenching, mind blowing rage that a parent feels when they’ve been told their child was harmed at the hands of a stranger. I want to know where their peace of mind is coming from. Until last Feb., Feb 8th to be exact, the only thing I’d felt was all-encompassing fear for the future of my children. On Feb.8, as though the Angels of my American military were shouting at me from the mountain tops, it dawned on me this administration deserved no more respect or consideration than any other satanical stranger that would DARE harm the innocent children of this country. Forget what I said about talking. I’m more at peace now, with an active role in this American storm than I ever was trying to find shelter from it. I’m long winded, but one more thing…to the parents , ALL the parents of ALL the children in this magnificent country, I care more,and I mean from my soul, care more about your childrens’ future than the strangers that have lied and stolen their way in thru the back door of Washington. You are now closer to this American than you will ever be those rotted remnants of humanity. Because I AM telling you the truth.

  • Bill Isom -

    Recently, I read that Lt Col Allen West is the “Abe Lincoln of our time”. This is an understatement. Lt Col Allen West could well be the George Washington of the 21st Century. A friend in Missouri referred me to West on You Tube. I’m e-mailed everybody I know across this nation about him. GO WEST GO for President in 2012.

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