Rand Paul WANTS Obama To Come To Kentucky And Campaign For His Opponent

Barry’s track record is looking pretty dismal with Dr. Paul’s victory and Specter’s adios, and those previously invisible, political coattails are now non-existent.

Rand Paul starts out this interview with the belief that a $2 Trillion Deficit is an extreme idea; NOT abolishing the Federal Reserve. He has a message for the national Democrats, “Bring It On” and asks very politely for pResident Obama to come down to Kentucky to campaign for Rand’s opponent. He goes on to speak about the Republican Party, the Tea Party and how he would like to help the Tea Party shape it’s future and it’s platform.  Dr. Paul would like to run on the TP platform including term limits, balancing the budget by law, reading of bills, a waiting period before voting on bills, and all laws passed should apply to Congress in its entirety.

Wow – 2010 could be an even bigger year than Newt and Karl think…

We Can See November From Our Houses…

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