Glenn Beck, 5.19.2010:

Anthony Weiner (D-NY) has decided to go after Glenn and Goldline in attempt to have people believe that Glenn is fear-mongering to help Goldline’s bottom line. I know this guy is not stupid enough to believe the administration is doing anything other than ‘manage the decline’ of America. Time to take the country back, and roll back 120 years of progressive bullsh**!

The other side:
Anthony Weiner on ‘Countdown’:

Remember, Gerald Celente has 90% of his assets in gold.

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  3. Weiner is a fraud. A whining cihuaua sent out by the Majik Obama to attack Beck since Obama lacks the Cojones to face Beck and actually attempt to disprove Becks many disclosures about his Fascist agenda and Comrads that inhabit the White House and are destroying America. A leader , not an Organizer, would have the Mettle to respond to Becks’ many requests to call him on the red phone!!!
    Alas Obama is a Whining coward!

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