AYFKM? Portland Police Hand Out Sex Crimes List To Children

Under the guise of summer safety, Portland Police handed out a booklet that had a list of sex crimes on the back page. The booklet was given to kindergardeners through 5th graders with words like sexual penetration, sodomy, and a warning that kids could go to prison.  Indoctrination through fear.

Wrap your heads around the idea that the police have been co-opted by the progressives and start getting involved and running for local political office.  You may also want to contact local legal counsel and investigate the possibility of suing the Portland Police Department.

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    The Progressives have infiltrated every nook and cranny of our society. How do we root them out? They are going after the children in order to corrupt them. It’s just like teaching them about drugs in grade school, i.e. “this is a drug free school.” They will not allow childhood innocence any longer.

    God help us.

    • CA – this is the same thing as the government wanting to make us better. This is also the paramilitary police believing we are all criminals that they haven’t caught yet. Prepping the little criminals.

  • California Patriot -

    Change of subject, but I am hearing that we are now being governed under the Continuity of Government, the Congress is rubber stamping everything, and the Executive is in complete control.

  • no-nonsense- nancy -

    Our government was not set up for the executive to have this much control. No control, really. This is why we MUST take our country back! Just how we do that is a good question. I guess by voting the progressives out. Today is oour primary in PA and I just voted against Arlen Spector. I hope he loses the primary. It is REALLY time for him to go. Then in Nov. I’ll probably vote against the little liar Joe Sestak.

  • Sounds like a clear cut case of child abuse to me. Lets sick one agency on the other CYS against the police–then sue for MASSIVE psychological damages.
    Use their system against them–isn’t that what Alinsky told them to do to us?

    • Better yet, let’s arm both agencies with extra strength condoms and invite them to pluke each other until they’re 90, thereby eliminating the procreation of baby bureaucracies that grow up and smother them and all of us in our sleep.

  • Rob Edwards -

    ..I’d bet it would be a crime to distibute this to children as a private citizen, just as it is to sell porno to minors……Contact the Anti-aclu……..ThomasMore.org….

  • So, what’s the deal with this idiot Attorney General of Conneticut ( Blumenthal) claiming he “miss-spoke” about serving in Viet Nam? Is “miss-spoke” the new buzz word for “LIED”? I saw the press conference he held, and I can’t believe the Marine vets standing behind him, and supporting this liar!

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