ADIOS Arlen (Traitor To The Republic) Specter!

Arlen Specter, a true turncoat, has lost his bid for re-election. O Happy Freakin’ Day! May we have 167 more days like this as we march toward flipping this congress and restoring some Common Sense, Integrity and Dignity to our nation’s leadership.  We are definitely off to a great start with Rand Paul!

Sestak, Paul score wins as Lincoln waits

Upstart Senate candidates claimed two stunning victories in primary elections Tuesday night as Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak denied incumbent Democrat Arlen Specter renomination to a sixth term and Kentucky insurgent Rand Paul easily bested establishment favorite Trey Grayson for the Republican Party’s Senate nod.

The AP called Pennsylvania’s Senate primary for Sestak just before 10:15 p.m., as Sestak led Specter, 53 percent to 47 percent, with 65 percent of precincts reporting. The second-term congressman and former admiral will face off in the general election against former GOP Rep. Pat Toomey.

Addressing supporters shortly after the race was called in Sestak’s favor, Specter endorsed his victorious opponent: “I will support him in the election.”

Not being able to continue his march toward global socialism could not have happened to a bigger POS than Arlen Specter (except, of course, Barry Soetoro/Obama).

Good Frakkin’ Riddance and take that grinning Fool with you!!

By Logistics Monster


  • One down, many more to go. At least it is a start. Thank you Pennsylvania.

  • no-nonsense- nancy -

    It was time for Specter to retire. By remaining a dem this long gave me the opportunity to help oust him. Now I’ll have to decide who to vote for in Nov. No more voting on party lines. (Not that I did before.) Bye, bye, Arlen. There were times when I agreed with you but you turned out to be a weasel.

    • Nancy – I just watched a interview with Sestak and Neil Cavuto. Sestak is a trained monkey with talking points. Do the homework, but I wouldn’t vote for him.

  • Next month, it’s our turn, when we throw Babs Boxer out on her ass! Wish us luck!

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