“To Protect And Serve” (UPDATED: Video Shows Police Shot Into House)


Aiyana Jones case, attorney says Video shows police fired into Detroit home

DETROIT — Police who carried out a raid on a family home that left a 7-year-old girl dead over the weekend were accompanied by a camera crew for a reality television show, and an attorney says video of the siege contradicts the police account of what happened.

Geoffrey Fieger, an attorney for the family of young Aiyana Jones, said he has seen three or four minutes of video of the raid, although he declined to say whether it was shot by the crew for the A&E series “The First 48,” which has been shadowing Detroit homicide detectives for months.

Police have said officers threw a flash grenade through the first-floor window of the two-family home, and that an officer’s gun discharged, killing the girl, during a struggle or after colliding with the girl’s grandmother inside the home.

But Fieger said the video shows an officer lobbing the grenade and then shooting into the home from the porch.

“There is no question about what happened because it’s in the videotape,” Fieger said. “It’s not an accident. It’s not a mistake. There was no altercation.”

“Aiyana Jones was shot from outside on the porch. The videotape shows clearly the officer throwing through the window a stun grenade-type explosive and then within milliseconds of throwing that, firing a shot from outside the home,” he said.

A&E spokesman Dan Silberman said neither he nor anyone else from the network would comment about the case, and he denied a request by The Associated Press for the footage.

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For all those right-wing conservatives and liberal left democrats out there, better take the blinders off to the republicans, democrats, and past administrations.  We all look the same to the paramilitary police.

7-year-old girl killed in Detroit police raid

(CNN) — Police in Detroit, Michigan, on Sunday expressed “profound sorrow” at the fatal shooting of a 7-year-old girl in a police raid.

Aiyana Jones was shot and killed by police executing a search warrant as part of a homicide investigation, Assistant Chief Ralph Godbee said in a statement.

“This is any parent’s worst nightmare,” Godbee said. “It also is any police officer’s worst nightmare. And today, it is all too real.”

The warrant was executed about 12:40 a.m. ET Sunday at a home on the city’s east side, Godbee said. Authorities believed the suspect in the Friday shooting death of 17-year-old high school student Jarean Blake was hiding out at the home. Blake was gunned down in front of a store as his girlfriend watched, Godbee said. (emphasis mine)

Preliminary information indicates that members of the Detroit Police Special Response Team approached the house and announced themselves as police, Godbee said, citing the officers and at least one independent witness.

“As is common in these types of situations, the officers deployed a distractionary device commonly known as a flash bang,” he said in the statement. “The purpose of the device is to temporarily disorient occupants of the house to make it easier for officers to safely gain control of anyone inside and secure the premise.”

Upon entering the home, the officer encountered a 46-year-old female inside the front room, Godbee said. “Exactly what happened next is a matter still under investigation, but it appears the officer and the woman had some level of physical contact.

“At about this time, the officer’s weapon discharged one round which, tragically, struck 7-year-old Aiyana Stanley Jones in the neck/head area.”

The girl was immediately transported to a hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Godbee said he and other officers went to the hospital while others stayed at the home to execute the warrant.

Aiyana’s father, Charles Jones, told CNN affiliate WDIV, “She was sleeping and they came in the door shooting and throwing flash grenades … burned my baby up and shot her, killed her.”

Jones claimed the officers had the wrong house, but Godbee said in the statement the 34-year-old suspect in Blake’s death was found and arrested at the home. In addition, a vehicle and a moped matching the descriptions of those involved in Blake’s shooting were also found, he said.

The suspect’s name was not released.

Godbee said he wished to “express to the family of Aiyana Jones the profound sorrow that we feel within the Detroit Police Department and throughout this community. We know that no words can do anything to take away the pain you are feeling at this time.”

Police obtained the “high-risk search warrant” based on intelligence, and it was approved by the prosecutor and a magistrate, Godbee said. “Because of the ruthless and violent nature of the suspect in this case, it was determined that it would be in the best interest of public safety to execute the search warrant as soon as possible and detain the suspect … while we sought a murder warrant,” he said. (emphasis mine)

The police statement said Chief Warren Evans is out of town and could not be present “to personally address this tragedy,” but “his thoughts and prayers are with the family and loved ones of Aiyana Jones.”

The officer’s weapon was secured, and an investigation is under way, Godbee said, emphasizing the information gained so far is preliminary.

“This is a tragedy of unspeakable magnitude to Aiyana’s parents, family and all those who loved her,” Godbee said. “… It is a tragedy we also feel very deeply throughout the ranks of the Detroit Police Department.

“We cannot undo what occurred this morning,” he said. “All we can do is pledge an open and full investigation and to support Aiyana’s family in whatever way they may be willing to accept from us at this time. I understand that they may not be open to such a gesture at this time, but we do stand ready to do anything we can to support them.”

I’ll believe it when I see it.  Remember this from May 5, 2010?

Paramilitary Police Are Already Here


Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America

Americans have long maintained that a man’s home is his castle and that he has the right to defend it from unlawful intruders. Unfortunately, that right may be disappearing. Over the last 25 years, America has seen a disturbing militarization of its civilian law enforcement, along with a dramatic and unsettling rise in the use of paramilitary police units (most commonly called Special Weapons and Tactics, or SWAT) for routine police work. The most common use of SWAT teams today is to serve narcotics warrants, usually with forced, unannounced entry into the home.

These increasingly frequent raids, 40,000 per year by one estimate, are needlessly subjecting nonviolent drug offenders, bystanders, and wrongly targeted civilians to the terror of having their homes invaded while they’re sleeping, usually by teams of heavily armed paramilitary units dressed not as police officers but as soldiers. These raids bring unnecessary violence and provocation to nonviolent drug offenders, many of whom were guilty of only misdemeanors. The raids terrorize innocents when police mistakenly target the wrong residence. And they have resulted in dozens of needless deaths and injuries, not only of drug offenders, but also of police officers, children, bystanders, and innocent suspects.

This paper presents a history and overview of the issue of paramilitary drug raids, provides an extensive catalogue of abuses and mistaken raids, and offers recommendations for reform.

Botched Paramilitary Police Raids: An Interactive Map

Overkill: The Rise of Paramilitary Police Raids in America, Cato White Paper

By Logistics Monster


  • Rob Edwards -

    ..Just a week ago 5 Deeetroit Police Officers were shot 1 killed on a raid for a released murderer. At this raid a shock grenade was tossed in first and there was a struggle with inhabitants and the officers gun discharged..Deeetroit is a libdemarxist ghetto slum hellhole, it’s referred to as “The Congo”….So far 11 city officials have been jailed or indicted,with more to follow as the FBI has been sniffing all over town after prosecuting mayor and obongo Super Delegate King Klown Kwame. Rep John Conyers wife will go away in July for accepting bribes of $69,000 while Pres. of the Deeetroit City Council….It be gettin tight in old Motown….LOL..

  • no-nonsense- nancy -

    This is so disturbing and frightening. In Philadelphia so many children are shot and killed as bystanders on streets as thugs shoot each other. Parents in the inner city always fear that their children will never get to grow up.

    I never heard the term paramillitary police before. We are becoming a police state very fast. Frightening indeed.

    • Nan – the Lemur and I were discussing how long ago it was that the transition started from the cop on the beat that you could actually trust to the guys in black kevlar and gas masks. I have yet to do the real digging, but it looks like it started with the creation of DEA and the ‘War on Drugs’ – what a frakkin’ joke that is.

      • Rob Edwards -

        ..Late 60’s early 70’s smack in the Hippie Days..Governments have found that Drugs are good business….

  • Rob Edwards -

    ..This story is changing by the hour..Another video has supposedly surfaced..Michigan State Police have taken over the investigation..What is known at this time is that the Blake murder(alledged) triggerman is the childs Aunt fiancee, and according to very reliable witnesses the childs father was present at the killing..He isn’t doing as much camera time as he was earlier..There are no bullet holes in the exterior of the house..It’s interesting the coverage this is getting..A week ago during a carjacking, the victim fired a shot at the carjacker which flew over a city block and went through the house of an elderly grandmother who was hit in the chest while she was making her dinner an she died. Carjacker was arrested..This case has already been forgotten after about 2 days of coverage and all of the players are Black..The childs case has all the makings of good TV..High profile multi-millionaire attorney(represented Kevorkian)that excels at bombastic claims and statements, involvement of White (&Black)cops picking on poor Black folks in a shambles of a Black city..Now there’s rumors of possible civil unrest, that the Governor has asked for patience and calm….Stay Tuned..You’ll see the real 3 Ring Circus Deeetroit in action….

  • Rob Edwards -

    The only reason this childs case has made National “news” is because it involves a White cop, and a Big Money lawsuit..Black Kid’s are killed everyweek in Deeetroit and most get zero attention..Yesterday a black kid was buried, the victim of a random black driveby. The family of the black grandma are in town to bury her, she was shot accidentily by a black carjack victim, shooting at a black carjacker, a black girls decomposed body was found in a garage today after being missing since last year..This child who was killed during a Murder Warrant Raid was shot by the discharge of a White Detroit Police SWAT team member weapon….Like many past case’s like this, the family cries on cue when the cameras are pointed in their direction and they “Demand Justice!!”..The murder that initiated all of this, is being ignored.The murder victims family have said that “Where’s the concern for Him?”..”We’re not suing any body”..Now it’s been announced that the Media Whore Fraud Rev Al will be doing the childs eulogy and “Demanding Justice”….A black neighbor that witnessed the raid, agrees with the Swat Team story, and not the Millionaire lawyer (Kevorkian & Jenny Jones Gay Guest Murder)..Mystery video still has not been seen..State Police are still investigating..Black DPD Chief cut his vacation short, Black Deeetroit Mayor Dave Bing cut short his business trip and they are both being insulted by those who are “Demanding Justice” and neither are cowering to the phony demands, because in Motown this is Old News..

  • Rob Edwards -

    ..Well….Contrary to what the family and lawyer has said, the family isn’t cooperating with Michigan State Police Investigators..MSP technicians have spent over 24 hrs trying to get access to the home, it took a Court Ordered Warrant and a Locksmith to gain entry..Investigators were barricaded from areas of the home by the family. Investigators searching for evidence found an illegal electric hookup, and stolen cars in the backyard..The dead childs father is a top suspect in the murder that brought all of this about. The “father” is also being investigated for an incident with 2-3 teens at a store, where he said he didn’t like their T-shirts, and told them he had a weapon on him..Family and lawyer are now avoiding cameras and are not returning calls to local media.Still no mystery video..Deeetroit Mayor accuses lawyer of inciting unrest in the city for Big Money..National media coverage has moved on..Dreams of Escalades and Benz’s have too..Another Motown Re-run, same lies, story, just different players….Yawn..ZZzzzzz……

  • Rob Edwards -

    ..Ooo….Now jesse is coming to Deeetroit and next week obongos ‘Ho’..The Mayor is asking where they all were in the past week when there was a Cop,a 15yr old a 17yr old,and a Grandma shot?….This morning a young son of a Deeetroit Police Officer was killed with an AK47 in a gas station, for no known reason..And the beat goes on in Motown..

  • TV in Phoenix -

    It’s all for Polical Reasons..they want to get the votes any way they can.

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