Anderson Cooper’s ratings must be in the toilet right now for him to do an interview with Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and Paul Jensen about the birth certificate/ineligibility issue of Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama. Cooper is the most combative interviewer I have seen in months, not allowing answers, demanding that Lakin answer questions and angry that Paul Jensen is verbally stepping in and protecting his client.

Someone needs to explain to Cooper that foreign nationals could receive a Hawaii Birth Certificate the year that Barry was born by ‘phoning it in’.  If you were an American woman in 1961 and your baby was born in a foreign country, wouldn’t you want to make sure your child had a US birth certificate to increase their chances of a better life?

All argument over this fraud’s natural-born status ends with his Indonesian Citizenship at age 6, and the fact that his biological father was a British subject.


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