AYFKM? Old Glory Is Offensive

What is it going to take to get our schools straightened out?

5 thoughts on “AYFKM? Old Glory Is Offensive”

  1. what is happening to this nation????? if someone is offended by the American flag they:
    1. do not belong in this country.
    2. do not belong in the educational system as a teacher.
    3. should have citizenship revoked and be sent back to what ever country they believe deserves their respect.

    this video is now on the net….it is a teacher from the los angeles system speaking at a la raza rally…..


  2. All envelopes have been pushed to the edge since Nov 08, all the crazies know there is no one in DC who will address these anti-American attitudes as the pResident is anti-American himself.

    While this is heartbreaking what can we expect when Obama bows all over the world, that gives the green light for this despicable anti-American behavior. Once again these are all attempts to pit one group against another.

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