Obama/Soetoro Nominates A Kindred Spirit

Non-Judge Elena Kagan

As Rev. Manning so aptly put, the ‘long-legged Mack daddy’ is about to choose a person with no ‘bench time’ to sit on the SCOTUS.  Did anyone expect anything less from the fraud and interloper who continues to pretend to be a Constitutional law professor?  Did anyone expect anything BUT this from the guy who isn’t qualified to be president?

If I was not so worried about the impending financial holocaust descending on Europe and the rest of the world (and peoples’ reaction to it), AND millions of gallons of oil being pumped into our oceans, I would write more about the insanity of seating a person for life on the Supreme Court who has never worn a freakin’ judge’s robe.

Obama Selects Kagan for Supreme Court

WASHINGTON — President Obama will nominate Solicitor General Elena Kagan as the nation’s 112th justice, choosing his own chief advocate before the Supreme Court to join it in ruling on cases critical to his view of the country’s future, Democrats close to the White House said on Sunday.

After a monthlong search, Mr. Obama informed Ms. Kagan and his advisers on Sunday of his choice to succeed the retiring Justice John Paul Stevens. He plans to announce the nomination at 10 a.m. Monday in the East Room of the White House with Ms. Kagan by his side, said the Democrats, who insisted on anonymity to discuss the decision before it was formally made public.

In settling on Ms. Kagan, the president chose a well-regarded 50-year-old lawyer who served as a staff member in all three branches of government and was the first woman to be dean of Harvard Law School. If confirmed, she would be the youngest member and the third woman on the current court, as well as the first justice in nearly four decades without any prior judicial experience.

That lack of time on the bench may both help and hurt her confirmation prospects, allowing critics to question whether she is truly qualified while denying them a lengthy judicial paper trail filled with ammunition for attacks. As solicitor general, Ms. Kagan has represented the government before the Supreme Court for the past year, but her own views are to a large extent a matter of supposition.

Wow – she’s argued before SCOTUS for a whole freakin’ year.  Well, why not?  Barry got a Nobel without doing anything except breathing.

Can we get Paul Ryan or Ron Paul to get the ball rolling on changing the rules about SC Justices serving for life? Remember, lifetimes used to be a whole hell of a lot shorter when the Constitution was written.

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  2. Reading about her scares the hell out of me.


    She would gladly extend the power of the Executive to scary levels. She seems to have little regard for the Constitution so she’s right in line with Obama’s views. The Pubs need to block this nomination or we’re in deep doo doo.

    BTW, thanks to the bailout of Greece, there will be a big rally on Wall Street today (Monday). Now I’m sorry I didn’t buy some beaten down stocks on Friday.

      • How long? Not long. At least stocks will soar for the time being, undoing the damage from last week, in a relief rally. At some point, it’ll all go down again as more stuff hits the fan.

  3. Everyone knew well ahead of time that Marack was going to nominate someone who would hand as much if not more power to the executive than Congress already has. If we weren’t living in Bizarro America she would be laughed out of the nomination hearings.

  4. A pretender Judge? Why not? We’ve already got a pretender president, V.P. and entire cabnet! I feel like I’m living in a chapter of “Alice in Wonderland!…..Tea anyone?

  5. Well, well, well another commie in the Supreme Court. Patriots they are not Socialist, they are communist. Socialism is the path to communism, but the way Obozo is going, he is going to take as many short cuts as possible to fast forward America to his communist utopia.

    When are we going to stop this Communist takeover of America? It will soon be too late!

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