Idiot In Charge Award: Nancy Pelosi; Don’t Close The Border, Just Treat Teenage Drug Addicts

A reporter asked the soon-to-be-former-Speaker of the House a question about American teenager use of illegal drugs coming across the Mexican border, and if Nancy is ‘committed to sealing the border’ in regards to said drugs.

What follows is Nancy’s remarks about giving treatment on demand to American teenagers as a Rand Corporation’s study states that it is the ‘cheapest’ way to solve the problem of demand.  Nancy runs down the different methods and costs but at no point does she suggest stopping the influx of drugs.

Reporter: “The Justice Department has reported that 1 in 5 teenagers used illicit drugs last year, and most of those drugs came across the border from Mexico. Are you committed to sealing the border against the influx of illegal drugs from Mexico, and if so, do you have target date in mind for getting that done?”

The Dipstick Of The House: “Well if you question is about drugs, I’m for reducing demand in the United States. Ah, that is what our responsibility is, ah, on this subject. Ah, the Rand Corporation, a few years ago, did a report that said it would be much less expensive for us to, through prevention first and foremost, but through treatment on demand to reduce, ah, demand in our country. It’s the cheapest way to solve this problem. Incarceration is the next cheapest. It costs seven times more to to incarcerate than to have treatment on demand. It costs fifteen times more to, um, interdict at the border, and it costs twenty five more times more, ah, to, um, with eradiction of the cocoa leaf. This is an issue that is very important to our country because of what it is doing to our teenagers. That is the problem; what it is doing to our people. Controlling our border is our responsibility, so whether you are talking about stopping drugs from coming in or having a, ah, well managed migration policy, we have a responsibility to secure our border, but I don’t know what you mean by ‘seal’. And I think sealing the border doesn’t do a whole lot to reduce demand in the United States. As I travel the country, I know that kids are on meth and they can make it in their bathtubs. So again, if the issue is predicated on your first premise, which is, 1 in 5 teenagers in America has used drugs; is that the point? So let’s, ya know, let’s secure our border for every reason that we have a responsibility to do so, but, topic, but, if our purpose is to solve that problem, we must reduce demand and the best way to do that is through prevention and through treatment on demand.

The Rand Corporation

Books that reference Rand:

• The Aquarian Conspiracy (1 ref)
• Final Warning: A History of the New World Order (1 ref)
• The World Order (5 refs)
• None Dare Call it Conspiracy (1 ref) Databases (Numerous databases with a plethora of articles to peruse from this NWO thinktank)

One example:

What Are U.S. Policy Options for Dealing With Security In Mexico?

And my personal favorite paper from Rand to date:
Rand National Police Force

By Logistics Monster


  • Queen Nancy doesn’t want to close the border, because she would lose votes, and would be able to get her own dope….every time I see her, and she speaks, she appears to have been smoking crack!

  • Nancy Pelosi is the most dangerous person in DC, since she is not just the front guy like Obama she really believes all the junk she spews.

    Once anyone is addicted to drugs they are at risk for all other kinds of risky behavior especially teenage girls, she is totally insane in thinking it is cheaper to treat addiction than to prevent it. What about all the babies born as a result of drug addiction, how is that cheaper they most likely will be on gov. support. Not to mention the greater chance of STDS due to engaging in unprotected sex while high. How about the mental distress all of the unintended consequences bring with being addicted. Last but not least what about girls becoming prostitutes because of drug addiction and the greater likely hood of them being abused or killed.

    If we can retire only one of these fools please God let it be her.

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