Gerald Celente On The Dow Drop And The Bailout Bubble

“…have heard our warnings of the crash of 2010. We were saying this while other people were saying that the economy is rebounding. It’s not rebounding. We said it was the ‘bailout bubble’, and the ‘bailout bubble’ would burst, and that’s what we are seeing happening. Greece is merely the canary in the economic mineshaft. It’s the wake-up call for more of what’s to come.”

By Logistics Monster


  • Anyone who lost in yesterdays market have no one but themselves to blame, they jumped back on the greed bandwagon and got caught. I do not know what it will take for others to realize what is going on. The fact that all of this happened in such a short period of time leads me to believe it was intentional and another effort to part greedy investors from their money. Trying to squeeze every last dime, I wonder if those who lost are living debt free, would of been better use of their money to pay down debt, buy supplies, precious metals or give to charity. What a waste and we are to believe it was user error.

    • User Error? Do Not Make Me Laugh Anymore!!!! Old Georgie boy is more like it. As for whatever little money people have, I do believe that now would be the time to invest in gold and precious stones. I will be watching the market this morning.

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