AYFKM? In The Post-Racial Obama Era

I’m so freakin’ angry I cannot write – go here now!

By Logistics Monster


  • These are the educators, the ones we are to trust to help our children grow and become good citizens. Sounds like to me this person wanted to use his position of power to even some score that he had to settle.

    If we want all races to get along than we need to treat them the same, but that is not the agenda of progressives they want to keep race a forefront issue, all the while hoping they will send some whites over the edge and than make a big deal about that. So far no takers, try as they may and they certainly have tried, they can not push us over the edge, for that I am extremely proud and grateful.

    It is despicable and I hope the parents raise hell and demand an apology if they do not than they can expect more of the same.
    Also I am sure there is a lawsuit somewhere in all of this.

  • Robin in Texas -

    This man should be removed from his position at the school. Every child that is not pigmented to his liking should be immediately
    enrolled in another school. Were the bi-racial children allowed to attend, how did he determine if the children were really black?
    We are a society of many races. All children should be treated as equal.

  • leaping spark -

    Get used to this kind of treatment. People in Tennessee desperately need help, but they are being ignored by our Black Militant Muslim Leader Obozo. He is far too interested in the state of Arizona trying to stop the flood of illegal criminals from Mexico, who’s votes he intends to buy in 2012 with his amnesty bill. Why should he care about the suffering of a bunch on bible thumping, gun clinging, Constitution loving Tennesseans. Blacks, Muslims, and Mexicans are the only people important to this scumbag who is doing everything he can to incite all of the people of color against the evil whites.

    Patriots this isn’t America any more, we are plunging headlong toward Obonzo’s dream of America becoming a third world s@%t hole like his homeland of Kenya. Obonzo’s hatred of the whites closely mirrors Hitler hatred of the Jews, and if he could, I’m sure the whites would receive the same treatment.

    Discrimination is legal when you discriminate against whites in the Socialist Republic of Barakastan.

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