What Change Looks Like Redux

I just became aware that our favorite image of the imposter-in-chief (after he had Nancy and Harry ram through his deathcare bill) is now available as a poster from DaleToons.

What Change Looks Like

If you would like what is sure to be THE commemorative image of the fascist-in-charge, just hit this link. For those that want the shirt, go here. Then make sure to do a fly-by of DaleToons and check out the rest of his amazing artwork.

By Logistics Monster


  • Well…it IS quite to the point…however, I would take issue with the favorable facial representation therein…it is far too flattering.

  • Leon Baguley -

    That is exactly what he does every time he boards Air Force One and flies off to all the places he DOESN’T need to go… He has not spent one full week in the White House yet with out having gone somewhere in that jet… What a hypocrite… And he is worried about our “Carbon Footprint” yeah, my aching a–.

  • What he doesn’t realize is that come November the people are going to break that finger off, and shove where the sun don’t shine!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I would buy one of the posters but every time I look at his mug I want to throw up.

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