Time To Go See MarketTicker

It’s one of those red-letter days when you absolutely have to go over to MarketTicker and read the entire article. Here are few prime quotes that go hand in hand with the ‘Dominoes’ post and what your own common sense has been telling you for years.

Bernanke Is Getting Scared….

But now we’ve gone even further, and in the last two calendar years have put up nearly 10% and nearly 12% of GDP distortions, respectively. Let me remind everyone that in the world of economics a 10% economic contraction is the formal definition of economic Depression; ergo, we have been in one for the last two years and are today!

If you’re wondering why I have spent three years arguing strenuously against the policies that our government adopted to try to “stem” the crisis, you now should understand – we are now absolutely dependent on the ability to maintain this level of distortion and will be able to withdraw it only slowly, if at all.

Any event that causes us to have to withdraw it suddenly WILL RESULT in the loss of our economy and republic.

This is not speculation – it is hard mathematical fact.

By Logistics Monster

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