AYFKM?  WHO DOESN’T know this?

How do you think he was elected and made it though all the hoops a presidential candidate has to jump through to even get on the ballot?  How about that good ‘ol Supreme Court closed door meeting with him and Biden just scant days before the inauguration?  How about Bambi’s passport files being hacked and then Hillary’s and McCain’s being rifled afterwards?  What about Donald Young and Lt. Quarles Harris? How about John Brennan? Could any of that have been done without the GOP running interference for Team Obama and the Democrats?  I probably should not be so hard on AZ State Rep. Judy Burges, but puleeeeeze! I need a drink…

Eligibility sponsor fears GOP protecting Obama

Only this week left to vote on demand candidates prove ‘natural born’ status

A legislative plan in Arizona that would require candidates for president to document their constitutional eligibility to occupy the Oval Office needs only an affirmative vote from the state Senate before it could be advanced to the governor, but the sponsor has told WND she’s concerned the GOP leadership will end up protecting President Obama’s secrets.

State Rep. Judy Burges, R-Skull Valley, told WND today that her bill was approved by the House but now is being “held” by Senate President Robert Burns.

She explained Burns told her that in light of the controversy over the state’s immigration law – targeted by pro-amnesty immigrants and open-border activists – “he didn’t want to take on another one.”

While Burns was on the floor of the Senate or in caucus much of today and couldn’t be reached directly for comment, a spokesman, Mike Philipsen, told WND only that the issue is “in the process” and did not respond to requests to confirm that it actually will be given to senators for a vote.

Burns represents District 9 and is a Republican from Peoria. He serves as chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Philipsen confirmed that if a Senate concurrence is obtained, “then it would go to the [governor].”

Gov. Jan Brewer has not said whether she supports the idea or not.

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