Ed Rendell: MSM Has Given The Tea Parties Too Much Credit (VIDEO)(UPDATED)

D.C. Code Red Rally, 3.20.2010

We are back to “you don’t exist”.

You can be as pissed at Ed as you want, (in fact I would love for Pennsylvania to fire him ASAP), but don’t get all twisted up because he is just doing his master’s bidding by trying to keep you occupied with proving that you exist instead of getting candidates with American (not European NWO) values elected.  Ignore the spin, move forward, educate your family and neighbors.

Currently, his orders appear to include arguing that 1,000 people showed up for the Code Red Rally on 3.20.2010 and 1,500 showed up for the Tax Day Tea Party in D.C.  He clearly is losing the spin with the hosts of Fox and Friends so must switch to using the semantics of being a Tea Party Patriot versus those agreeing with the Tea Party Movement when it comes to Scott Brown, Marco Rubio, other candidates that have surged, and the reports of Americans who side with the tea party movement according to Rasmussen Reports.

I went and found a video from The Heritage Foundation with footage of the Tax Day Tea Party in Washington, D.C. that shows the actual size of the crowd.

Many bloggers had stated that attacking us only made the backlash against the dems stronger and would add members to our cause, so the dems have gone back to saying we don’t exist.  Guess what?  It no longer matters what the dems think…189 days to go before we neuter this pResident, fire Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.  Make them great days…

UPDATE: 4.28.10

The Rendell video was taped on 4.26.10, and Michael Moore did an interview with Larry King yesterday, 4.27.10. Go here to hear almost verbatim from Michael that which Ed said.

By Logistics Monster


  • There’s another huge factor Rendell dismisses without a thought; this year many of us were unable to make it to the Tea Parties on Tax Day because our jobs are so tenuous that we’re afraid to take the time off.

    But you are dead on target; they are trying to do more than minimalize us – they are trying to write us out of history before it even become history.

    Which brings me to a very interesting story I read this morning (H/T to Kenosha Marge at Witch’s Will):


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thanks for the article, GG, it is good. I like Thomas Sowell. I was surprised at his figures on slavery around the world.

    Ed Rendell is a jerk. I used to like and respect him but he has changed a lot in the last couple of years. We’ll be rid of him soon because his term is ending and we will be electing a new governor. They can try to minimize our numbers at tea parties and ridicule us but we are the movement of the century and they know it. We have them really running scared. They did it to themselves. They woke us up by their radical agenda and now they don’t know how to react to us.It’s fun to watch them and listen to them, really.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    DT, I posted a comment about an hour ago and it is in moderation. Do you know why?

  • red lemur -

    they have no idea behind every teaparty activist,how many chicken fuc#ers do you think there are?
    LOTS,I dont really dig mao but he’s right on one thing there IS an amerikkun behind every blade of grass WITH a gun!

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