FoxNews Sunday Panel On AZ Immigration Law

FoxNews Sunday’s panel on the new immigration law in Arizona that is sending even more people out into the streets in protest.  Brit Hume used the phrase “emergency policy”.

When Phoenix became the kidnapping capital of the western hemisphere last year, the AZ legislature decided they were required to do something considering the federal government has been doing everything but it’s job in regards to enforcing immigration laws for years.

By Logistics Monster


  • California Patriot -

    It just blows me away. The media is making a circus out of this; FOX included Illegal is illegal and they should go home. No apologies, period.

  • Britt Hume: “It’ll alienate Latinos…big vote”

    Why on earth would a legal immigrant of Hispanic descent be against going after illegal immigrants? They had to come here the right way, why would they condone others just waltzing in and getting everything for free? And aren’t the legal immigrants the only ones that are supposed to have the right to vote?

    Kristol is right – this is all a lame effort to save Harry Reid’s seat in Nevada, which ain’t gonna happen.

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