American Companies Hiring, But Not Because Of Stimulus

Imagine that?  Living in the United States in 2010 is like working at a restaurant and creating a massive cash flow for the boss in spite of himself.

American Companies Are Planning To Ramp Employment, But They Say U.S. Stimulus Has Nothing To Do With It

According to the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), which is a professional organization of business economists within corporations, job creation has already begun in the U.S., in the first quarter of 2010, and it will now continue robustly over the next two quarters.


Job creation increased for the first time in the past two years of this NABE survey. The percentage of firms increasing payrolls rose to 22% from 13% in the January survey. The percentage of firms cutting jobs moved lower—from 28% in January to 13% in April. The share of respondents expecting their firms to add employees over the coming six months rose to 37%, up from 29% in the previous survey.

Thing is, their hiring plans and recent job growth has almost nothing to do with government stimulus they say:

The vast majority (73%) of respondents reported the fiscal stimulus enacted in February 2009 has had no impact on employment to date. While 68% also believe a jobs bill, such as the one recently enacted into law, will have no impact on payrolls, 30% do believe it will boost payrolls moderately.

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