Day: April 26, 2010

Ed Malin Is A Capitalist Pig! (VIDEO)

Ed Malin is a small business owner that had to make a statement last week (tax time) about the 65% of his income that is taken from him while he works 90 hour weeks. Mr. Malin was raised in a capitalist, free market environment (like many of us) who is now confronting the layer of socialism that has been feeding off the hard-working middle class for decades. Mr. Malin reports that the response has been 100% positive -- anybody surprised? (more…)
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Obamacare Advisory Board Proposals Automatic (VIDEO)

You thought you still lived in a country that was driven by choice and free enterprise; not so much anymore. When congressional representatives violate their oath to the Constitution and vote against the spirit of that document, they have committed treason and should be dealt with accordingly. Peter Orzag, Obama's Budget Director, speaking at the Economic Club on 4.8.2010 stating that an unelected panel will make proposals about healthcare and if Congress does not vote those proposals down and the president does not sign those congressional bills, the proposals stand as is. Welcome to United Fascist States of Amerika where…
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Beck Is Right About The Progressives

Think Progress is having a moment this morning with this particular article.  I also think that TP may not understand how many middle of the road Americans were incensed with George Bush and all the shenanigans surrounding 9.11 and the Patriot Act.  It's been decades since we had a real 'American' president. Beck calls Bush a ‘progressive,’ says Obama is doing ‘exactly’ the same thing. The tea party movement is staunchly opposed to big government and deficits, but right-wing activists and their supporters have been unable to explain awaythe fact that former President Bush, not their nemesis President Obama, is responsible for…
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