Afghanistan Girls School Gassed

Thirteen young girls were at their school in the Kunduz province of northern Afghanistan when they were believed to have been poisoned with some type of gas. None of the girls are seriously injured, but according to reports there have been three previous attacks since last Wednesday injuring eighty girls, and more than one hundred girls’ schools have been torched previously.

Officials think these attacks are meant to scare girls into staying home.  What does it say about a population that still believes that females are property?  What does it say about a country that is frightened to death of roughly 50% of their own people having an independent thought process?  What a waste of human potential that could have benefited more than just Afghanistan.

By Logistics Monster


    • IF, and that’s a mighty big IF, it still wouldn’t happen. There is one thing standing between us and complete oblivion – the 2nd amendment – and women (myself included) own guns. I say, let them try.

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