Aloha All!  After a few days of looking for a theme that I could live with, you folks would like, and one that operated speedily and in all browers (IE8 :::grrrrr::::), I found that we are all just way too picky!  So……I’m building it from the bottom up.

Here is your chance to let me know exactly what you like now and in the past, and what you didn’t like before.  (Yes, I know that last theme was only working for me about 90% of the time.)

Get creative!!  Colors, columns, layout; anything you can think of and I will try to incorporate it.  Also, some of the pages may be weird as I am crash course learning how to build a site. Please, please, PLEASE let me know if it drags, loads funny, makes your computer freeze up, etc. Also let me know which version of which browser you are using if you have problems.


P. S. Monster readers are the BEST!!!

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