Thaddeus McCotter At SRLC

I know this is quite a bit late, but Thaddeus McCotter’s speeches are always worthy of the time invested.
Thaddeus McCotter speaking at the SRLC:

“And on the issue of healthcare, when the summit of Blair House came up, we had nothing to talk about because we had a fundamental difference with this administration; well, actually, we had two.  The first because we opposed government run healthcare because we believe the sovereign citizens of the United States deserve to make those decisions themselves, and are best empowered to do it through patient centered wellness and free market reforms.  But more importantly, more importantly, the crux of the matter to us was this; no administration and no congress has the right to divide and defy the American peoples’ judgement about their own healthcare.”

8 thoughts on “Thaddeus McCotter At SRLC”

  1. i love this guy….he shows up on red eye every once in a while and is always great! thanks for posting this!

  2. Who’s Your Thaddy 🙂 I always tune into Rep McCotter.

    Governor Chris Christie making good on his campaign promises to cap spending – freeze spending.

    There is a special place in hell for people who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict.

    Governor Chris Christie (R) on Imus In The Morning. New Jersey’s Teacher’s Union Needs To Chill.

    He’s doing his best to reign in spending although folks don’t get that things are hard all over New Jersey they have 10% unemployment.

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